Welcome to my fun gemstone review!

In today’s post we look at another successful game called Lucky Diamond. I found this game after seeing a funny commercial where players could raise.

This ad shows how players can get rich by adding money to their PayPal balance when it matches a gem. Let’s see!


They claim you can become a millionaire! Do you believe them?

Developed by Hong Kong-based Tuyu, Lucky Diamonds consists of three similar games: Panda Cube Smash, Fish Blast, and Lucky Home.

I know how frustrating this game can be, so I decided to write this review to let a lot of people know. Can you make money with lucky diamonds? Is it a scam or a legit company?

Check out the Lucky Diamond app

Name: Lucky Jewel
Company: Yes
Genre: Puzzle
Reach: worldwide
Total: 2/5

What is a lucky stone?

Lucky Diamond is a racing game for Android where you can earn virtual money by completing certain levels. Once your balance reaches $150, you can withdraw money from your PayPal account, according to the company.

According to him, the application has been installed more than 100,000 times as an easy way to earn money.

This is the answer! They know that millions of people struggle to pay their bills, and they are doing everything they can to make it happen.


good or bad

Who is Baskar?
The game is difficult and time consuming.
There are more than 1200 levels.
No ads like some games.
This is a great photo.


You’ll find prices as low as $150.
Many people quit before they have a chance to make money.
There is no evidence that the company paid.

How does a lucky diamond work?

Like all Tuyoo games, Lucky Diamond is only available on your device. After installing the game on Google Play, you must agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.


How do I get lucky diamonds?
It is not easy. Tap on two or more colored cubes to separate them. Then blow up the remaining planes to complete the level.


Shoot 5 or more to unlock spinning cannons, missiles, TNT and more powerups. Destroy more machines once and help you reach the target faster.

The game ends when the mission is completed before the minimum number of cubes is reached to complete the competition level.

Are lucky diamonds legit? Is it worth it?

I can’t believe I can make money with this business! The virtual winner has no value and is not yours.

As expected, most people get stuck and give up before reaching $150. You’ll probably end up with $150 after using your lucky diamond for a few months, but there’s no evidence it’s worth it.

Even if this claim is not true, lucky diamonds are not strictly fake. Explain why.

The company will ask you to agree to the “Terms of Use” before starting the game. “Content and virtual currencies can disappear.

Even if it reaches $150, Tuyo will ignore or cancel the payment request. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this and want to learn it the hard way without doing proper research.



I like to play Lucky Diamond like any other game or other games from the same company. The game stays the same by changing the name and content!

Unfortunately, Lucky Diamond works just like any other game discussed on the blog. If you do this, you will no longer have access to the $150 in cash. However, if the target is still met, the company will cancel the payment request.

Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Block are two similar games where Coinbase handles instant payouts (no minimum fees). The problem is, you can’t earn $5 playing every day for a year. If you want to make money tomorrow, avoid this app because it is a waste of time.

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