Indoor cycling and indoor running have gained more spirit in recent times. This is due to many reasons. People are shifting towards calmer, more privatised means of exercises. The overcrowded gyms with people filming their reels has fed a lot of people and they are shifting to newer means of exercises.

As with all things, when there is necessity, there is invention. In this case, an app called Vingo has come up and it is helping people with indoor exercises. The app can be used in tandem with any treadmill or exercise bike and it can turn it into a fun activity. Here’s how it works.

App is Available for both Cycling & Running

The app is used to transform indoor exercises into virtual exercises. You can use the app to create your own little virtual world, within which you can jump in anytime you want and get that much needed outdoor feel. You can pair the app with any treadmill or training bike, via Bluetooth and it works well with any model. Once connected, you can go on virtual running, jogging, or even cycling trips inside it.

The App is Available for iPhones

The latest update for the app was given out and it was made available for apple products. This includes all the iPhone models, iPads and even MacBooks. This facilitation for apple products was done after a huge demand for the app, from apple users worldwide. So, if you are using an iPhone, you can search for the app in your AppStore and find it there. You can also install the app on multiple apple devices and synchronise them too.

Creates a New Virtual World for Your Exercises

Like we mentioned before, the app takes you into a virtual world inside it. You can find a lot of digital maps in the Vingo app. These maps are all designed from some of the most famous locations around the world. Daily UpdateAlso, the developers have included interesting facts and information about these spots. This is to pique your interests and help you focus on the fun side of exercises. Or in other words, they take your mind off the stressful side of the exercises and help you have fun while you run or jog.

Cost Effective Solution for You Daily Motivation

The app has a lot more features about it too. Avatars, voice chat, social media connectivity, etc. all of which come at an affordable price. You will only spend less than $10 per month on it. compared to other apps, which charge more than $15, this app comes with a lot in it.

Best Overall Solution for Your Running & Cycling Needs

In all, this virtual cycling app provides an affordable solution for all your exercise needs. With one single account for yourself, you can invite your family and friends into the app and get fit together with your loved ones. So, why wait? Install the amazing app on your iphone and join the exclusive club of online fitness enthusiasts who are sculpting the body of their choice.


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