Welcome to my Hexagon 2048 review!

In the present post I need to remind you about another Android game called 2048 Hexagon.

The program publicizes $100 through PayPal.

They accept the game has been manipulated and don’t wish to pay.

believe it or not! It is vital to understand reviews and get data prior to introducing any product, particularly programming that is supposed to create huge amount of cash.

Characterize 2048 hexagon

Complete Name: 2048 Hexagon
Craftsman: studio colleague
Gotten: everywhere
Cost: Free (excluded from in-app buy)
Generally: 1/5

What is hexagram 2048?

2048 Hexagon is another arcade game where you bring in virtual cash for serious hexagonal tiles.

This product is possessed by an organization called NIUNIU STUDIO CO. Restricted settled in Hong Kong.

This is befuddling on the grounds that the designer records itself as Mantour Studios on Google Play.

The objective is to contrast no less than three indistinguishable numbers with structure numerous numbers. The equivalent hexagonal mass in Converge Up 7!

Dissimilar to most games, you can’t bring in cash without watching recordings. You should likewise raise $100 to qualify.

Individuals like to mess around like 2048 Hexagon while practicing their cerebrum and having some good times. However, a few designers cheat individuals in light of the fact that their games are terrible and they can’t draw in however many players as they need!

The 2048 Hexagon has been introduced more than 100,000 times, demonstrating the force of this plan of action. Q: Could that function admirably for you?

How does hexagram 2048 work?

2048 Hexagon is accessible free of charge on Google Play. Subsequent to introducing the game, you can play straightforwardly without enrollment or permit.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that the supervisor consequently gets to the data, pictures and content. This implies it can peruse, change and annihilate the data put away on your telephone or tablet.

On the off chance that you store nothing significant on the SD card and couldn’t care less about it, then, at that point, it’s anything but an issue. By and by, I dropped the 2048 Hexagon after a short test drive.

Is that the weapon of 2048? this is significant

I don’t think 2048 Hexagon pays off, I can’t demonstrate it!

Assuming you see client reviews on Google Play, you’ll see that a great many people say they can’t manage $96-$98.

That is on the grounds that they don’t make an adequate number of recordings to acquire focuses and procure $100.

A connection named “Victor” will appear when the award is declared. View ongoing champs’ names alongside screen captures of PayPal installments.

What struck a chord was the Insane Hexagon Group name for this item.

Insane Hexagon is like 2048 Hexagon yet created by Fortunate Game Studio rather than Mantour Studio. Indeed, even the photographs demonstrate nothing since they can undoubtedly be faked.

Another significant point is that a connection in the terms of administration is just open on the organization’s site. Nonetheless, by getting to the site, you consent to their protection strategy.


2048 Hexagon is fun however an exercise in futility for individuals who just play for cash.

On the off chance that you lose $100, you can’t get a lot of cash-flow by doing less promoting. Sadly, you need to make a ton of recordings to win the award.

Obviously, the maker is simply somebody who brings in cash since sponsors pay for their promotions.

I don’t need anybody making wagers wanting to win many dollars. You won’t ever pay!

If you have any desire to play for no particular reason, set a spending design. They for the most part share a ton of data and consume a ton of data.


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