Redrix’s Broadsword was one of the first few Pinnacle weapons introduced in Destiny 2. Also called Redrix’s Claymore, it is very similar to the first version, but with slightly different barrel and magazine advantages.

knife forging sign

If you want to get Redrix’s broadsword, Crucible is a lot of work, but it’s easy to get. To unlock the Redrix Broadsword, you must complete a task called ‘Forging the Broadsword’.

In this mission, Destiny 2 players must complete crucible battles, defeat enemies with their pulse rifles, and reset their balol range. Here are the simple steps to get Redrix Broadsword:

Direction: Kill 200 enemies with a pulse gun

The shape of what comes: ValorHeroicRen Reach
Candidate: Earn 75 Medals of Killing from the Crucible
Dead Death: Kill 150 enemies with a precise final blow from your Pulse Rifle.
Bonus Description: Get 50 kills with Bow, Line and Void with the Crucible.
This place is death: complete 25 fights for domination and survival
FIXED: Complete 20 crucible bonuses per day
From start to finish: reset the tare
Kill 200 enemies with the Pulse Rifle

Unlike reaching the top of the mountain, you have to dodge annoying weapon charges to get Redrix’s Claymore. The weapon you need is a pulse gun. Your main goal is to kill the rest of your enemies or guarantee your own kills.

Weapons suitable for use in Redrix Broadsword

As mentioned earlier, you need a pulse rifle, but have you ever wondered which pulse rifle you need to get the Redrix broadsword? The answer is simple. Use a pulse rifle that feels easy to use. There are many pulse rifles in Destiny 2, but I’ve listed a few here.

bad jojo
perfect disease outbreak
Boundary Suite
Graviton Lance
cold daniel
blast furnace
wolf claw
If you can’t get the aforementioned Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2, don’t worry. You don’t need a perfect weapon because you don’t play competitive killing crucibles. In fact, any comfortable pulse rifle can go after this pinnacle.

Redrix’s Broadsword Privileges

The advantage of this Pulse Rifle is that it reloads and fires faster while the bonus is in progress. Benefits are provided by Redrix’s Broadsword.

frame with shock
room reward
high caliber shot
Taking a headshot activates Outlaws and activates Desperads. Reloading will greatly speed up the startup of Redrix Broadsword and will help make your next killer a lot easier.

This is all you need to know to get Redrix’s Broadsword in Destiny 2. Check out our other gaming guides, hacks, tips, and tricks articles while you’re here.


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