Lost Ark, also a classic MMO problem, one of its main currencies is gold. With enough gold, you can do or buy whatever you want.

Here, I’ll explain to you why you need enough Lost Ark Gold, and how to get gold by the latest methods. In order to earn currency faster, we need to understand different ways of farming gold according to your characters and different systems in the game.

The Function of Lost Ark Gold

As one of the main currencies in Lost Ark, gold can be used to buy items that players can use during the game, and compared to other currencies, gold is the currency with the most suitable purchasing power in Lost Ark.

Gold’s Crafting and Life Skills

Unlike other fields where gold is obtained through violence, players in this field can use gold happily only need to unlock level 30. You can not only buy the equipment you want, but also freely dispose of the things you don’t want and donate them to your guild or get your favorite decorations.

Five Ways to Get Lost Ark Gold

There are many ways to get Lost Ark Gold fast, and I will discuss them in five areas:

1. Actively interact with NPCs

In Lost Ark, you can get a lot of gold by making friend with different NPCs.

Here are the NPCs who will give you gold and the corresponding amount of gold:

  • Thirain (500 gold)
  • Neria (600 gold)
  • Ealyn (1,000 gold)
  • Avele (1,400 gold)
  • Sasha (3,500 gold)

Due to the update of the new Lost Ark, the gold you get by interacting with NPCs will be withheld, rendering you unusable for three days. Just be patient for a few days before you can use it. Anyway, you can continue to farm lost ark gold for sale in this way.

2. Complete basic quests like Raids & Dungeons

Raids & Dungeons is an essential quest for any MMORPG and it is also one of the ways to farm gold in Lost Ark. It’s worth noting that Guardian Raids will reward you with a large amount of gold the first time you complete this quest.

After unlocking Chaos Dungeons at level 50 and gearscore 250, go through some secret rooms hidden in the Dungeons and you’ll find gold bars and items that we can turn into gold later.

3. Complete daily and weekly tasks

You need to unlock Una’s tasks at level 50, which are the daily and weekly tasks for Lost Ark, and the fastest way to farm gold right now. You will earn one currency called Una’s Tokens after completing tasks, which can also be converted into gold later.

4. Finish map missions

Map missions are also one of the ways in Lost Ark that you can farm gold quickly, it’s a cooperative mission where you can do with your friends to get gold rewards.

5. Sell items at specific times

You need to check the market regularly, sell items you don’t need as well as rare items, and get gold easily.

The above is the latest guides to farm Lost Ark gold in September 2022, as long as you master these methods, you can get a lot of gold easily.

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