Gaming is always fun for all ages; kids and even adults make gaming a hobby. This kind of pass time makes one’s mind relax and escape the world of stress as they play. You can play with yourself or interact with other players if you want to. You can also choose what kind of game suits your interests. It could be racing cars, immortal combat, puzzles, adventures, etc. 

The success of your characters in your game is also your success. Sometimes, your players can do something you cannot do. Undeniably, it makes you feel good. However, like any form of play, everything should be in moderation. Gaming is a hobby, but you should make it something other than your life. You still have to balance every aspect of your life. 

What is a Game?

Two words to describe a “game” it is fun. Regardless of the type of game, it always provides the players with a sense of escape and enjoyment. That’s how it is; players should carry out games for entertainment, and because of that enjoyment, you will get, it becomes a hobby over time. 

Games include rules; they can be played alone or in a competition. It can take many forms, and one of the most popular is Video Games. It is a game that everyone can play on a mobile phone, computer, or gaming console, such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, and many more. 

What is a Hobby?

It comes in many forms, but today’s generation loves to make digital gaming a hobby. A hobby is pursued outside our routine and duties. You usually do it, and you always find time to make it despite the schedule.

It can take many forms as well; it might be dancing or singing, painting and crafting, or, today’s trend, gaming. It also helps you improve your skills, knowledge, and talent. 

Like games, hobbies bring people together since you’ll interact with a group. It allows you to relax and improve yourself in all aspects of life. 

Reasons Why People Make Gaming A Hobby

There are many reasons why people choose gaming as a hobby, and here are the following reasons:

  1. Gaming releases everyone from the stress that they encounter every day. It’s a form of entertainment that they always love to stick around. 
  2. It offers you satisfaction when you compete with other players and win, which eventually adds to the enjoyment.
  3. You will learn to interact with other people on screen. It’s a great avenue to start friendships and share the same passion and hubby with different people worldwide.
  4. There is an adventure in gaming, and people love being challenged. Your curiosity will rise, and you will be excited to solve puzzles and mysteries. 
  5. You will grow and improve by learning many skills and making discoveries. 

These are just a few reasons why people make gaming a hobby, there could be other reasons, but to sum it up, gaming is a form of entertainment. 

Pros and Cons of Gaming

Gaming could be fun, but it can adversely affect individuals without moderation. 

Pros of Gaming:

  1. Your reflexes will improve, especially your hand and eye coordination. Most of the games required you to use your hand and eyes simultaneously. 
  2. Games have plenty of mysteries and puzzles to solve, which will improve your problem-solving skills. 
  3. You can interact with other people around the world. Sometimes, it makes you learn to speak other people’s languages. 
  4. Gaming is always fun, and it becomes a stress reliever for some.  
  5. Some games require you to give answers, such as in math or science. In that way, it opens you to Educational value and opportunities.

Cons of Gaming:

  1. Too much in everything is not good because it leads to addiction.
  2. Even if it improves your hand-eye coordination, it still reduces physical activity, which is unhealthy.
  3. It disturbs your mental state and sometimes will lead you to depression.
  4. It reduces your hours of sleep, and it affects your health. 
  5. There is inappropriate content in the online world that’s not suitable for all ages. 


Things to Remember When it Comes to Gaming

By keeping these things in mind, you can ensure that even if you enjoy gaming as a hobby, it also does not cause you any harm. 

  1. Make sure to balance your time. Spend average time playing and give time to other priorities such as your responsibilities in life, school, and relationships.
  2. Give yourself a break and stretch your body when playing to avoid fatigue and body ache. 
  3. Consider having in-depth background knowledge of what you are playing. 
  4. Be vigilant of what you are playing because there are games that contain sexual content not appropriate for all ages. 
  5. Think of other players too. Play with respect and let everyone enjoy. 
  6. Have a life. Only spend part of your day playing.

Always give yourself a space to build your life and do something to unwind sometimes. 

How to Play Games in Moderation?

  1. Make sure you’re not losing anything by playing games too much, such as not getting grades in school anymore, not attending activities in the church, and even replacing relationships because of games. 
  2.  Schedule your games so that you will know what to prioritize and what not. 
  3. Think of the things you want to accomplish in a day. 
  4. You should also develop off-screen time and think of outdoor activities. 
  5. Be consistent with your plans. 
  6. Include sleep in your schedule. 


Games provide a way for enjoyment and fun. It also opens new sets of skills and adventures to some. Players allow themselves to interact with others around the world. Winning in your games will always be rewarding, regardless of your age. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that everything should be in moderation. Everything too much is not good even though it gives us all the pleasure in life. 

Gaming can be a way for self-improvement when done in moderation. Make gaming a hobby but keep your responsibilities and priorities open. Life Beyond Gaming will keep things moderated for you. They will offer courses and programs to help you balance your attitude and gaming habits. 

It is important to approach a healthy way to avoid disadvantages in gaming. Life Beyond Gaming is right here for you.


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