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I found another interesting game called Candy Crack.

The developer presents the app as a great way to make money with PayPal.

But there is no reward in looking at the details of the Google Play app. The rest of the money comes from shooting games, of course.

I play this game and I don’t want to see too many ads just for fun. Is Candy Crack a legit money game or a fake money game?


What is CrackCandy?

Candy Crack is a random match 2 game where you have to find and destroy at least 2 of the same candies.

The game offers virtual dollars and virtual currencies that can be earned by redeeming via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and in-app credits. But you can’t win unless you reach 10 million or 50 million.

As you know, game developers make money from ads shown during games.

Players encourage people to watch endless videos that claim to make money.


How does crack candy work?

Candy Crack is available for Android devices on Google Play.

After installing the app, make sure you can access your photos and other files.

So, if you are concerned about your privacy and data, think before installing Candy Crack. Prevention is better than cure!

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How to break candy?

It’s so easy! Match and destroy 2 or more identical candies to fill them.

You will receive virtual dollars and gold coins when the indicator reaches a certain number of points.

In general, you can always double your rewards by watching video ads promoting fake coin games. Beware of false advertising!

Open all the chests and destroy as many candies as possible to win.

Candy Crack lets you slowly unlock a variety of games including slots, card shuffles, crazy games and more. This allows you to collect more rewards and achievements.

Is candy crack legal? Can I get compensation?

No, that’s not it. Candy Crack does not offer real money! I checked the reviews on google play and no one paid.

People can’t donate money because most users need at least $1,000. Because the game offers rewards if you deposit a certain amount and leak complaints.

Another user reportedly made $1,000 but said he had to log in for 400 days.

This also applies to the puzzle pieces. You cannot collect enough coins to get this bonus!

They can get away with pretending to reveal anomalous activities, but they don’t pay, so you don’t have to explain.

Don’t believe any program that says you can make a lot of money with PayPal if you meet these and other requirements. There are no rewards no matter how many times you play!

You want to make money from the players you advertise and watch them play.


Can the bar be changed?

Yes, there are at least 6 paid puzzle games. difference:

Bitcoin Blocks: Getting Started! Transfer Bitcoin through Coinbase. Check out the full Bitcoin block here.
Bitcoin Blast: This game uses Bling and offers the same payment method. The whole Bitcoin explosion is here.
Crypto Connect 3: Phoneum app that assigns PHT to Phoneum Wallet.
CryptoRize: This three game game allows you to make money with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple Ethereum and USD Satoshi.
Game City: This game has weekly prizes worth $3,000. You can also redeem your ticket and earn $10 through PayPal.
The performance in this game is very low. FYI, many players can win small amounts or a few cents.


It is made

Don’t waste your time with Candy Crack and win real money and great prizes. There’s nothing wrong with that. no compensation

Only players who make games for fun earn money from the app.


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