This article describes a new puzzle. People like to work with it and find land. Tradele Wordle gives more information.

What is a Business Puzzle? It is important to determine from which country the product was exported. Business events are based on the popular Wordle game. It is also called “common language”.

In the next section, we’ll explain what trades are, how to get them, and why you should use TradeWord.

The picnic game

Trading can be done at any time in Daily Adventure or Unlimited Trade mode. Treadle offers more challenges than standard words. This game is more difficult than a typical Wordle game, but it teaches you how to improve your skills while having fun. Each offer must be country or region wide. For each prediction attempt, the user can specify the distance, direction and location between the prediction and the target country.

It’s different from the world, but if you like mind games, you’ll love it. You can also play Treadle.

Where and how to play Tradell online?

The initial excitement is good for business. People have fun after solving a puzzle. It contains assumptions about the state. When you’re done with your game, use Traddle to share your answers on social media. Tell your friends!

Solve the puzzle in 6 attempts

Every day a new map of exporters of a certain country is available.
Each box contains a percentage of the products shipped to that country based on the quantity purchased.
Is it a marketing term? New puzzle name. Each prediction must be a country or region, and the player indicates the direction, distance, and relationship of the score to a unified country
The distance to the target and the center of the target are displayed. Although they are far apart, they are separated by a border of 2,260 km. Every day, people in certain countries receive a significant amount of mail. Each fund is based on each country’s share of income.

Examples are trade terms

The player believes that Chile is 13,557 kilometers northeast of the country. Because of the distance, the proximity percentage is only 32%.

The second player from Finland predicted 3,206 km. 326 km, 84% of the southeast


Treadle is released as a new version of the game. People enjoy solving puzzles every day. Puzzles are published daily. Learn more and play online


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