Peruse the Thrum Wordle article for a response to Quordle 149 today. Instructions to Play and peruse our full article on Quord.

Welcome to Quordle players hoping to settle the present riddle. Is Code 149 hard to break nowadays? So we’re here to assist you with noting the four five-letter words you’re attempting to sort out. Peruse the full article to find the solution.

Quordle is a careful reproduction of the last Wordle game, which is at its heaviest. The game has a tremendous continuing in the UK, India and Australia. Attempt to break the expressions of the Thrum Wordle story.

the responses

The majority of the solutions to the present conundrums are verbal, however finding the right one is difficult. Players should figure 4 words in 9 endeavors.

Answer question 149 about CONCH, Pursue, Group and THRUM.

The main word implies shell, which is regular of a huge twisting shell.
The subsequent word means to follow, catch or get.

The third word “WATHY” alludes to unbelievers.

The fourth word “thrum” is utilized for crossword riddles like Round of Thrum and far off sounds.
On the off chance that you are new to the game, provide them with an unmistakable thought of Qordle and how to play it.

Four matches

As referenced over, this game is a variant of the internet game Wordle. Van Wardle, Obstacle, Dordle, and so forth; There are a large number that designer Quordle fostered this game with Dordle.

Doordle is a two letter word that utilizes just a single console. The maker of the game is Freddy Meyer. Like Thrum Wordle, players should zero in on speculating the right word with a couple of attempts.

How would you play the harmonies?

Each game has specific guidelines that should be observed. Gain proficiency with the principles of Quordle so you can avoid any and all risks.

Players need to figure 5 letters and 4 words in only 9 endeavors.
Riddle must be utilized as a console launcher.

A right estimate will change the shade of the tiles to green.

Your guess is right, however it is erroneous. The shade of the tiles changes to yellow.
Assuming that your speculation is off-base, the shade of the tiles will change to dim.
Every night the game uncovers a secret.

Cycle 149: ThrumWord.

Like Quordle, there are numerous other internet games for players. Show of another play in the New York Times.

Spelling Honey bee: In this game, players need to figure the right 5-letter word in the riddle. Players have 6 opportunities to address the hexagon puzzle. The spelling game expects players to figure precisely one right word.


In this article I present my response on Quordle 149 of the day. Subtleties on Quordle games and how to play them are additionally given. Click here for a point by point reply.


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