Players have been spending some time in long queues lately and have been stuck on matching pages for a long time in EscapefromTarkov. This is because most players tune in to the game, the new update 12.12. The new patch is expected to bring new weapons and new owners to the game. Aside from this, the developers of the Battle State game haven’t revealed anything.

If you’re getting a long match or you’re stuck with similar page issues, you shouldn’t flip it over now. Let’s get started without more hassle.

Tarkov QatarTimes2022 – How to fix a problem you’ve been stuck in Milan for a long time

Battlestate Games tweeted that they were aware of this issue and attempted to resolve the TarkovQueueTimes issue as soon as possible. Due to traffic congestion, Tarkov servers are down and players are stuck in long queues on matching screens. To fix this Tarkov’s bug, players have to wait until the server.

Once the Tarkov servers are ready, you will need to download a new patch for the game to fix the 2022 Tarkov Queue Times issue. Once you have successfully downloaded the latest update to the game, you will not be tied to the game. Long screens and long line times are not achieved.

If it doesn’t work or an update hasn’t been posted, you can try other fixes. In a previous tweet, Battlestate advised players to choose multiple servers rather than just one when searching for games. Dedicated servers are often more crowded than others, so the queues are long. So, selecting multiple servers increases the chances that the servers will be empty or less crowded.

If the wait time exceeds 30 minutes, we recommend that you restart the game and try again. Don’t ignore the OG Reset Trick as it can give you a good server. Long queues are nothing new for EFT players. This problem is exacerbated as new updates or patches are released. We hope the new update resolves issues similar to long wait times. Until then, you can also use the above fixes.

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