If there’s one Roblox game that everyone is talking about right now, it’s Knock Piece. The only reason to catch everyone’s attention is that the game is only six months old but it has already been viewed by over 24 million users.

At the time of writing this game, more than 300 users are playing the game. We all know that when a game becomes popular on Roblox, players start searching for its redemption codes. Robolex Knock Piece is no different.

Thousands of fans who have just started playing Nok Piece on Roblox are currently working on Nok Piece code. If you are one of them then you are in the right place.

Knock Coin Code List – January 2022

The game’s developer has just released a set of code that players can now redeem. All the knock piece codes that we have provided here work 100% during this post update.

Knock piece code (working)

Here is a list of active knockpiece codes and what they provide when redeeming:

! Shutdownpiece – Reset stats
Update 1 – Reset stats
! 5K Like – 250K Delivery
! Mocco – Statistics reset
! Peaback- 50 Kelly
Flop – 100 thousand delivery

If you’d like to get more codes before anyone else, be sure to check out this page from time to time as we’ll keep you updated with additional codes as they become available.

Knock piece code (expired)

The next knock piece token is no longer active and cannot be redeemed.

How do I redeem knock piece code?

It is easy to redeem codes in this Roblox game. If you have a set of codes but don’t know how to recover them, follow the steps given:

Play Knock Piece at Roblox.

Type any of the above action codes in the chat.

How can I get more knock piece code?

There are many websites on the internet that claim to have the latest working knockpiece code. But if you want to get new code before anyone else, you should either bookmark this page or follow the game developer on Discord and Twitter.


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