Knockpiece is one of the most talked about games in Robolax. It was launched in March this year and has already been viewed by over 15 million users. More than 75 users have identified this game as their favorite Roblox game

Unlike other Rolex games, Knockpiece has many fruits that grow on the map every 30 minutes and disappear after 15 minutes. Difficult to say as there are many types

With that in mind, we’ve created a Knock Piece Fruit Note list that includes every fruit in the game.

Final Flex Fruit Rating List – 2022

In our hierarchical list, we’ve sorted all the fruits found in Knock Pieces from worst to highest. Check the list below for fruit availability.

10th SC

In this update, Ske has fallen asleep due to autoform, but it wasn’t fully visible in previous updates. Therefore, it is better to replace the fruit as soon as it is touched.

9. Turn

I didn’t find anything interesting in the spin fruit, so I came in 9th place. Basically, there are only three nocturnal fruits that can fly, one of which is the guru. While they can fly, there are some flaws that cause us to rank them 9th.

8. Restrictions

Unlike experts, challenges have some devastating tactics that can deal a lot of damage to your opponent. Obstacles can expose the NPC and player, so I have a favorite player, but the hitbox for PVP is too small. First of all, the effects of dizziness don’t last long.

7. Bombing

There are thousands of players who can claim the bomb as the best rare fruit. However, there is only one AOE technique and two different skins, which are very difficult to find. Bombs aren’t a perfect choice, but they’re way better than barriers and gurus.

6. Buddha

Hito is now one of the most common fruits in Knock Piece. Better than Bombs and Barriers that it has two main AOE strategies and appropriate damage strategies. But with age you will grow up without any other health. Anyone can do a lot of damage if it actually happens.

5. Light

Pika is now one of the fastest fruits in Knock Piece. It may be the fastest but also the worst loggia in the game. However, it can be very damaging to your opponent. Another disadvantage of Picker is AOE. It’s way better than the Knoxpiece fruit above, with or without its flaws, so please give it a try.

4th line

Mela has the ability to fight, but unlike Picker, he is in complete control. The only reason to get a higher rating than Mela Picker is because of the good hitbox and loss.

3. Ice

There are several reasons we keep ice cream in Nook Piece’s top three fruits. OP-ready for farming.

2. Enka

The Thunder is by far one of the best Loggia knockouts. Grounder abilities can do a lot of damage. Goro is definitely the best fruit for bite use.

1. Earthquake

Quake is arguably one of the best fruits in Knock Piece. It can be medic, but all strategies have a large AOE and do more damage.

This is the end of Knock Piece’s fruit review list. If you have any questions about this sequence, you can ask them in the comments section below.


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