’s reviews will help you decide if it’s a scam or a reputable company.

Bothaza is considered a suspect because:

  • Some scams on the website in question fall victim to FADER-BEATTY, a large limited company. For a list of bad websites that are having problems using this parent’s name, check out FADEL – BEATTY Restricted Websites or click the link below. Since FADEL BITTY is banned, it has been handed over to the holding company. However, we may change our company address and name in the future.
  • Most products are sold at significant discounts. Scam sites often offer discounts to invite people to scam. We are exhibiting the following products. White lace dress and skirt. Blue shirt and skirt. Flat mammal golden dress and crystal skirt. Crystal-embellished dresses and skirts. Pink fabric dress and ribbon skirt. Orange fabric shirt and floral pattern ribbon skirt.
  • Many other website features, including the page header, are similar to many websites with problems.
  • Finding a social networking icon that connects you to business-related social networking sites isn’t easy. Authorized online stores may provide social media icons that link to social media pages, groups or profiles. It is not visible on social networks.
  • Several online stores selling the same product are dissatisfied with the product’s quality, delivery time, and customer service.


As for why Bottasa’s online surveys are being used, you may be wondering why there is no longer a reason.

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