The 2022 World Cup is remembered for many bright and exciting matches. One of the best teams at the tournament was the French team, which managed to reach the finals. By the way, soccer livescore matches with its participation fans can find on the sports statistics site. Here every game of the team is covered.

Antoine Griezmann was one of the main protagonists in the French squad at that tournament. The midfielder had passed a grand Championship and proved that he was left out of the world’s top stars early.

At that tournament, Griezmann became the best assistant. History He had three assists. Antoine shared his award with several other players who also made three assists.

But it was Griezmann who eventually made it to the final with his team. The ¼ game against England was incredibly successful for Antoine. By the way, the livescore of all soccer matches of this team is also easy to find on the proven platform.

So, in the duel with the British team, Griezmann gave two assists. Largely thanks to this, his team won with a score of 2-1. By the way, after that meeting, Antoine became the best assistant in the history of France in general. In that meeting, he made his 27th and 28th assists. He surpassed such legends as Thierry Henry and Zinédine Zidane, who had 26 passes each.

Why did Griezmann win the assistants race?

Griezmann has a great vision of the field. Thanks to this, the midfielder could quickly assess the situation and choose the most suitable option for the attack. As a result, it often helped his national team. By the way, its latest football score is presented on the sports statistics website. It will not let you miss any match involving the French.

If talking about the achievement of Griezmann, it was possible at the expense of:

  1. An excellent mutual understanding with partners. For example, Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud, and other players in the attacking group. Griezmann regularly created moments for them, which those players converted into accurate shots.
  2. The ability to make quick decisions on the field. Because of this, the Frenchman’s actions were always a mystery to his opponents. As a result, he could easily outsmart them.
  3. The art of passing was perfected. Both low passes and crosses often found their recipients.
  4. Trust from the head coach Didier Deschamps. Thanks to this, the Frenchman once again managed to believe in his strength and showed a great game.

Thus, Griezmann had a great tournament and helped his team reach the final. However, there the French team still lost to Argentina. By the way, all the latest scores of its football matches fans will find on the sports statistics website. Here they will find the coverage of every match. Yes, the schedule of games is quite tight, but now fans will not miss any matches.


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