Louisville is a map recently released by ProjectZomboid. Since this is a great new facility, players are naturally excited to explore. However, there are no delivery centers in Louisville yet. Players can only access the area on foot. Some players had trouble finding Louisville in ProjectZomboid. Today I will explain exactly how to get from ProjectZomboid to Louisville.

How to get to Louisville through the Zomboid Project?


In the east, players can find the scenery of the Louisville Project Zom Boyd. The new area is north of Valley Station. This is a great addition to the game and the player must start exploring to progress through the game. Cars may drive part of the road to Louisville. However, there are obstacles and obstacles that prevent players from driving to new places. Here is a map of Louisville submitted by u/Catafish on Reddit. It helps players get a better idea of ​​where they’re taking Louisville.

How to get to Louisville through the Zomboid Project?

Getting to Louisville is very difficult because Project Zomboid’s new website has been shut down. Since there is a barbed wire above it, players cannot climb along the fence that separates the area. However, players can get to Louisville in two ways.


The main way to get to Louisville is via the Valley Station Highway. The easiest way for players to get around Louisville is because they drive the highway northeast of the base station. Players can walk when encountering obstacles and do not use cars. Then the player can open the rope door and go inside. If the door is locked, you can break it open with a hammer.


Another way to reach the Zomboid Louisville Project is through a broken fence. This is a great option for players who want to avoid direct contact with zombies.

This is how players find some voids in the Louisville Project. For more information on Project Zomboid, see the ProjectZomboid guide.


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