Gnomes are your helpers in evermerge game, they can help you cut down trees, remove obstacles, build huts, etc. Very useful, at the beginning of the game you will have two gnomes, the number of gnomes the player has is at the top of the screen, if the player’s gnome All the gnomes are working, then you will not be able to assign more tasks , so how to get gnomes in evermerge games? The following editor will introduce how to get the evermerge gnome. For more articles about evermerge, please visit

gnome helpers in evermerge games, blue gnomes and red gnomes , they will help you collect materials from resource objects, build buildings , remove obstacles and merge items .

1. The blue dwarf

When you first start playing evermerge , you will receive 2 blue gnomes from Sleeping Beauty , and as the game progresses, their numbers can increase as you complete missions or get levels . You can also buy extra workers for 7 days by clicking the green plus sign next to the gnome.

In the evermerge game, the third blue gnome you can get will appear after restoring the wood mining mine. They will give you 3 days and then start a 2 day cool down period. After this time period , the blue gnome will reappear on your island , and its appearance can be combined with the construction of the castle for the character, because the construction of the castle takes 24 hours , which means that during this period, you will be deprived of A gnome helper .

The blue gnomes don’t need to build a separate chain for them , they ‘ll stay with you all the time, they won’t disappear anywhere , and the gnomes will perform any action that requires their presence.

2. red dwarf

the 8th level obstacle, you will get the first red gnome , the red gnome is a temporary helper, after the due time expires, the red gnome will disappear , the working time of each red gnome is limited to 1 Within hours , if the red gnomes aren’t working, they can stay on your island for as long as they want .

The red gnome has a very good ability to instantly complete any build task if it takes less than an hour to build. Many players don’t know much about the work of red gnomes , and there are many questions in the process of using them. Here are the answers to some of them :

Can red gnomes mine resources?

Resources cannot be mined , they can only be used to speed up construction.

2. What if there are a lot of red gnomes on the island, but they only have a few seconds left to work ?

If this is the case then you should start the construction site and send all the gnomes to it in turn , the construction time should be more than 30 seconds , each red gnome will count the time specified and then disappear, then your cell will be idle.

3. Can a red gnome be obtained by collecting a chain ?

Yes , this chain of collecting red gnomes is called “Red Dwarfs”. You can see its evolution in the “Finds” section of the “Special” tab , first you need to get a blue hammer, then purple hammers, pink and red hammers, and finally you get a red gnome.

4. Can red gnomes be obtained by completing quests ?

Yes , in the evermerge game you can get red gnomes by completing several of these quests. These quests have several levels and you will take a long time to complete , and you can also buy red gnomes directly in the shop for 150 rubies .

Finally, it is recommended that you don’t use red gnomes to build more than 15 minutes, because they will use up the full limit and won’t give you much benefit , so you ‘d better build such buildings when you leave the game.

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