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COO Status: Chapter 1469 (Completed)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Melodrama

Synopsis for the end of the magical age

The world that was born in the golden age of magic civilization is about to perish.

The last survivor has returned from a myriad of pasts. At that time, the magical civilization was born, and countless wizards have followed the path of the sword.

The man was on his way to the greatest throne of all time.

The world that created a civilization worthy of magic is on the brink of extinction.

When the last surviving magical civilization began to develop, countless wizards were still walking the thorny path of magical knowledge.

His goal since the end of the Age of Magic was to reach the highest level of magic.

The End of the Magical Wiki Era

Martha Merlin

He lived on Earth in his first life. During this time, he was later reincarnated as Nocent and killed by the Nether, who reverted to the body of a young man named Marfa Merlin after the Nocent was destroyed 30,000 years ago.

Soul Cleaver (True Soul Magic Tool): Chapter 118 Master of Soul Jutsu.

Staff of Destiny (currently Dragon Staff) (the most powerful tool of true elemental magic): Chapter 12

Book of Death (Special Magic Tool): Chapter 150

Book of Ten Thousand Mantras (Special Magical Instruments): Chapter 635


Culture strain

Mage Rank Sword Rank/Archer Rank Alchemist Rank Subrank Description

1 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Alchemist’s Apprentice 1-9 There should be a document here.

2 Mage Swordsman/Alchemist Archer 1-9

3 Archmage/Great Swordsman/High Archer?At Grand Alchemist 1-9, each sublevel requires him to collect 1 rune, but at Archmage level, he has 9 runes in total. must be collected.

4 Grand Wizard Expert Swordsman/Spirit Archer Master Alchemist 1-9 To become a Grand Wizard, you need to meld 9 runes into one.

5 Archmage Sword Saint/Ghost Archer Alchemist Artisan 1-9 The Archmage had to combine the laws of meditation with runes of transmission magic to reach the universe. Archers are powerful beings under the rule of law.

6 Celestial Mage Heavenly Swordsman / Holy Heavenly Archer Alchemist 1-9 Wields supernatural powers, also known as otherworldly powers, with the nickname of supernatural.

This plane allows you to create your own half plane.

7 Divine Fire/Spark Mage. They are like old gods. You must create a legally compliant domain

weapon level

1 magic

2 magic instruments

3 Relic Magic Tool – Grand Wizard

4 Spirit Magic Tool Top Wizard

5 Arch Mage is a true spiritual magic tool.

6 Sky/Extreme Magic Tool Level Sky Majepan

magic age review

This is a detailed and accurate factual review. keep reading.

Skip this section if you want to leave a review. First, let me say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it does now. The reason is that more people gave him a one-star review and said the second novel received more reviews in the next section. That’s not true! The original isn’t too bad. The rumor was spread by users who left malicious comments and insults. Let’s get down to business.

Shiraishi-san, congratulations on serializing your fantasy novel.

I’m glad the novel is finally out. I’ve been working on it since I finished Night Ranger (it’s been a while since I finished the novel, but I’m slowly picking up speed). In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

It is a complete novel consisting of about 1400 chapters.

Also, NR fans, EME was supposed to be released before the new year, but in some cases it has been postponed.

Most recent Sections of Conclusion of the Enchanted Age

Section 1265 – Wonderful Acting and Extreme Cost

Section 1264 – Earth and steel

Section 1263 – Return and Annihilation

Section 1262 – Development and Crooks

Section 1261 – A Couple of Eyes and Sign of Death

Section 1260 – Astrologian and History

Section 1259 – Meeting a Companion and Hearing a Story

Section 1258 – Meeting and Preliminary

Section 1257 – Manikin Versus Warlock

Section 1256 – Warlock and Pay

Section 1255 – Final offer and Presentation

Section 1254 – Gatekeepers and Conflic

Section 1253 – Family Meeting and Expression of remorse

Part 1252 – Draconic Bloodlines and Life Substance

Section 1251 – Attack and Tower


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