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A short version of the legend of Futian.

When there was a great crisis in the Eastern Sea Divine Province, Emperor Ye Qing and Dunhuang the Great appeared to save the day. In them the states were united, and all the countries and their kings were subject to them. However, the legends of these two heroes changed when Emperor Ye Chin’s name was erased from the history books after his sudden death. All idols and idols were destroyed and his name was taken away. Only Danhuang’s history is good.

Fifteen years later, a young man named Fut Futian began his journey to find his true self. The legend of Futian will go down in the history books.

Heroes of Futian Legend

you are futian


The most beautiful, the most intelligent personality, with eyes as clear and deep as the night sky. At fifteen, his only disability was his small house. In a few years he will be a wonderful man. After Hua Jie died, his hair color changed to black and silver.


Proud, confident and proud.

Behind their playful behavior is a pure heart. Any normal person would be angry after three years of violence, but he was happy and bright like the sun. In addition, Wu Sheng wants to apply for a place in the university, it is easy to see that he is a dedicated person. More importantly, he seems to be joking but serious about true love.


His history is full of mystery. He lived in Qingzhou for the rest of his life, but after the beast’s army, his family, even his adopted wife, abandoned him. Later, we see Fut Futian rescue the unknown master from his pursuers in Donghai. He called him “The Young Master”. Some characters in the novel believe that he may be the grandson of Emperor Ye Jing. Also, little is known about Ye Futian’s real history.

Hua Jieyu

Hua Jiyo sacrificed her life to protect Ye Futia. [1] Hua Jiyo’s divine spirit has not yet appeared. Be sure to return. [two]


Hua Jio’s face is so beautiful that in her old age she is considered as “Helen of Troy”.

He lives, but Brahma’s clear sky is usurped by a woman who won’t let him go. Futian appeared twice as a shadow [3] but only revealed that he was alive and took him to Brahma’s Pure Heaven which is the home of Brahma’s Pure Celestial Wife (they don’t want to talk about Futana Hua Yes).

Brahma Pur Heaven Lady created Hua Jiyo’s body as Brahma Pur Heaven Vissel to take the last step to purify her body and defeat Renhuang, but Hua Jiyo fought Hua Jiyo whose life was not hers with Hu Football lost on his back. Jio and his wife Clear Sky Brahma said that if Jio wins, the woman will be his and if he wins, he will marry Jio [4].


1 aircraft

1-9 UAS

2 Bright 1 – 9 stars

Dharma 3 Level 1 – 9 level

4 Arcana levels 1-9

5 aircraft size 9 – 1 class

6 wise erases

7 Sacred Duties Prove your holiness

level of your true self

cleaning and grooming

Legendary Plane / Sacred Nirvana

8 Renhwang Plane Lower Level 1-3 Divine Wheel When the first wheel comes from heaven, the range is “good”. The Divine Wheel reappears in the middle and at the top. This new version of God’s Wheel is better than the previous God’s Wheel, but many times worse. Therefore, the true Divine Wheel is the smallest.


Middle Divine Wheel Level 4-6

Divine Exalted Wheel Level 7-9

9 garden

10 God

The description of Restoration Legend

If you like War in Heaven and stories like this with students who “use” technology at the ball school, sometimes losing their style and appearance (but the school/the sweet god still thinks about it), you might want to read this. Because of this, the image of the traditional MC is obvious, the MCs train hard, women are rude to the MCs, and others call the MCs pigeons. But the process of planting and working is much simpler (and magical) compared to traditional plant brands. As Statsguy said, since it’s a new series, there aren’t many episodes, so it must be over or something (or things like Marial Peak and Peerless Martial God).
The message from the author of AGM (Ancient God’s King) has already been translated here. It’s a 9.4 on QI, so I’m looking forward to reading his new book.
Legend of Liantian… I hope this is the first page where you can read an AVA. Better than Dragon Scroll, I think. Add some comedy and I think it would be LOHP.

A true part of the Futian legend

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