How fast time flies. Wasn’t it just yesterday when you were busy planning the design of the nursery room with your spouse? Now you are at it again, deciding how to convert the nursery into a toddler’s room. Well, that’s part of being a parent, and you have to accept that your baby has grown up and has their room. 

When Is The Time To Upgrade

As you start planning the transition, you may also be asking when is the time for the room upgrade. Although this depends on your child, the room upgrade happens between 18 months to 3 years. But as a parent, you are the one who can decide when your baby is ready to have her own room. 

Steps In Upgrading Nursery To Toddler Room 

Once you have decided that your kid is ready to leave the cot, it’s time to plan for the change. As you explore ideas for your toddler room, remember that it will be trial and error. What might be effective for other kids might not necessarily be effective for your kiddo. With that in mind, here are the steps for upgrading your nursery to a toddler room. 

1. Change Color 

Changing the room’s color creates a fresh feeling in any space, which is true with a toddler room. If you are looking for a cooler shade, try using bold and warm colors like orange, red, or yellow. Bright colors like blue, green, or purple can change the appeal of your room. You can also invest in wallpapers or try textured walls. 

2. Maximize Floor Space 

Upgrade the room with your toddler’s needs in mind. Your kid might want to crawl around and move around the room independently. 

Maximize floor space by removing large or unnecessary furniture. Use the floor space and add some items that promote independence, like a toddler-friendly chair or a cozy carpet. You may also want to remove the crib and replace it with a B2C Furniture’s bunk beds or mattresses. 

3. Update Decor

Another important decision you have to make when upgrading the nursery into a toddler room is the decor. Consider removing the alphabet letters and replacing them with a theme fit for toddlers. A good option is a new wall hanging that is toddler-centric. You can also consider adding artwork to hang on the wall. 

4. Consider Safety

When upgrading the nursery, your toddler’s safety should be a primary consideration. Your kid will be maximizing the space for crawling and exploring, so make the room child-proof for your peace of mind. Safety first should be your approach to creating a new room for your kid. 

5. Improve Lighting 

Changing the lighting in your upgraded room can give it a new and fresh look. Consider using modern lighting solutions. In addition, you can also consider adding more light sources for a brighter appeal. 


Upgrading your nursery into a toddler room is not easy as removing furniture or changing decorations. There are many things to consider. At the end of it all, it will always be the needs of your toddler that should be your primary concern. 


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