When starting any business, such as a salon, you must prepare everything you need first. The tools you use will be the ones to help you become successful and will also help in making your life easier. 

This article will discuss the 5 things you need as a nail technician.

Things you Need as a Nail Technician

Having the right tools for the right job will ensure you provide the best quality service to your customers. Check out the things below you’ll need as a nail tech:

1. A Lamp or Good Lighting

A nail care table with lighting is essential for your starter nail tech equipment. Ensure you have an adjustable lamp that provides warm and cool light because the light is crucial to achieving the ideal manicure.

Having the right lighting, meaning it’s not too much or too little, is very helpful for nail techs. It will help in letting you see the minute imperfections in your work.

2. High-Quality Nail Polish

Fingernails and toenails can be painted and protected using nail polish. The composition of nail polish has undergone numerous revisions to improve its aesthetic qualities and reduce peeling or cracking. A natural polymer plus several other ingredients give nail polish its colors and textures. 

Nail polishes are available in numerous color options and are essential to nail techs for pedicures and manicures.

3. Nail Drills

In sculpting toenails and fingernails, a nail tech uses an electric device known as the nail drill. Hardly are these tools bought for private use in homes; they are most frequently employed in spas and beauty salons. It is ideal for safety if only certified nail technicians use these drills. 

A nail drill is primarily used to shape fingernails and toenails to a usable or visually attractive size when manual filing methods are inadequate. Generally, a nail drill in your equipment will make things much easier, especially when working on hard-to-shape nails. 

4. Nail Forms

Nail forms, which you can apply with gel or acrylic, are used for the shaping process of applying for nail extensions. They support the nail and serve as a temporary foundation for adding acrylic or gel, enabling you to shape and lengthen the nail to your desired specifications. Once the nail is constructed, they are taken out.

5. Gel Nail Cleanser

Before using gel or acrylic products, nail techs clean nails with a gel nail cleanser. It cleans, softens, and removes any dirt and grime that may have accumulated in your nails to prepare them. Unlike the nail cleanser you use to remove ordinary nail polish, gel nail cleanser doesn’t include acrylics or toxic chemicals.


As nail technicians, having the right tools and equipment for the job is essential. It helps in making your life easier and your job faster. With these tools, you can ensure that you provide the best quality service to clients. 

It is also important for you to buy quality tools and materials and not skimp on spending. The tools you buy for your nail tech service are also considered investments. You may not think like it, but you will need these things for your nail business.








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