Trim Down Club (TDC) is an online weight loss program launched in 2012 to help club members lose weight by developing a healthy diet for the whole family.

The company provides easy access to the program and allows you to create a personalized meal plan. A one-month trial for $1.99 gives you access to the website and online tools. If you decide to stay, it’s only $9.90 per month.

Why does the Trim Down Club?

Many people like TDC because TDC is easy to implement. Developed by a team of Certified Nutritionists, Certified Nutritionists and Fitness Experts, the TDC Diet Program aims to make it affordable and convenient for those looking to lose weight.

When you enter the Members section, you will see the Menu Planner, My Menu, Progress Bar, 8-Week Plan, and Food Journal tabs on the left. Certified dieticians create a menu plan that adheres to the 8-week plan.

In order not to optimize your success in losing weight, the video presents 5 different diets for potential clients, doctors. Karen Shockford recommends:

Concentrated orange juice (actually concentrated juice) due to the processing method. Processed foods that contain fruit juice and high fructose corn syrup are included here. Choose water.
Because it contains margarine and trans fats.
Wholemeal Bread – Surprisingly, that’s how it’s processed. We only recommend 100% whole grain bread.
processed soybeans
Processed meat – nitrite and other chemicals are produced during brining and cooking.

Few of the online tools offered are:

diet diary
recipe recipe
Meal plan starter
Nutrient composition table
Overall progress tracker for the 8 week program.
There is also a members forum where you can chat with other club members about program implementation and overall weight loss. If you are not satisfied with their services, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee:

There are 60 days (“payback period”) to test the B2C program and related products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program or related products within the refund period, please cancel your subscription by making a request on the contact us page.

The B2C customer service team will process your request and provide a refund within 5 business days, depending on the payment method used at the time of purchase. All purchases made after the refund period are final.

Online tools are really at the heart of the program. The affiliate section is a welcome bonus for most people. This platform is inexpensive and easy to use.

As you know, it is not surprising that the $9.90 payment is automatically repeated every month. The company did not hack various products. Based on the reviews I’ve seen, I don’t even collect many fraudulent ads when I visit any website.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Trim Down Club

Several PROS are associated with this program:

Strong point:

best weight loss program
fully customizable
huge recipe database
support community
significant weight loss
Low price


no shortcuts
lack of training program

Trim Down Club results for you

Trim Down Club does an excellent job dealing with customers and a common theme is that representatives respond to any reviews posted outside of official sites or social media accounts. ,

Absolutely impressive in this era where customer concerns are personally addressed over time. This shows that companies really care about what their programming experience is. Share some of the reviews you found online that specifically describe the effectiveness of the program.

Does Trim Down Make Good Exercise in the Club? Yes

There are actually many exercise articles and forum threads out there for everything from strength training to all types of exercises to standing and dancing. However, the company estimates that 80% of weight loss is due to diet and the remaining 20% ​​is due to daily exercise.

Is Trim Down Club’s diet safe or not?

What is presented in this program will not look suspicious. There is nothing there. Fresh food, some meat, lots of vegetables and fruit, healthy natural proteins. Carbohydrates in the right combination with other foods. The correct diet at the right time in the correct combination.

The recipes I’ve seen happen to be gluten-free (which sounds odd), but The Trim Down Club doesn’t state its status as a gluten-free diet (actually, the presentation video shows some gluten. Tolerance isn’t gluten) must eat free, so can just click on the gluten-free recipe).

The menu planner offers gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and low-sugar options. [Second]

If anything, they offer a lot of information at a very generous price. The recipe comes with beautiful pictures and detailed instructions.

Your meal plan categorizes what foods you should be eating and when, so you can’t predict your path through the eight-week program. Food journals help you to be honest and on the right track. And forums provide a community, so don’t go it alone. [Four]

Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet program, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or have questions about your immediate health.

Verdict: Is Fix Club a rip-off or worth trying?

Overall, I think other diet companies could take a class or two from the Trim Down Club. They made it affordable, easy to understand, and easy to implement. Less than $10 a month! There is not much risk in trying Fix Club.

Frequently asked questions about Trim Down Club

Did you get the Trim Down Club program in the mail or was it all online?

The Trim Down Club program is included online.

Has anyone claimed to have lost weight with the Trim Down Club program?

Yes, this program has success stories.

Does Fix Club really work?

Yes, it is worth changing your lifestyle and playing sports. This is not a shock diet. They want you to eat and be satisfied.

Is Trim Club famous?

Yes, it currently has over 1 million members and rave reviews with no marketing strategy.

How much is the Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club costs $9.90 per month.

What can you get if you join the Trim Down Club?

With a totally unique personalized menu planner, you’ll have full access to all tools and apps, club forums and community shrinks, a quick start guide and full program guide, and four great bonus rewards.

Will Fix Club support long-term changes or will I lose all my weight?

Yes, it’s a long-term change that involves diet and exercise.


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