Although startups come with unique business ideas, problem solutions, and excellent growth scope but it is tough for them to allocate a budget for paid tools. Indeed, startups commence their business journeys with a small staff and limited resources. That is why free graphic design applications and tools are their first choice.

Withal, if as a young business, it is challenging for you to shortlist free graphic design apps among too many options, then you must read this guide. In this article, we are sharing one of the best free graphic design tools with readers.

1. Canva

Whenever you think about a free graphic design app that has an ideal online interface, Canva is the first name that comes into everyone’s mind. This free platform provides 250,000 plus free templates, hundreds of copyright-free photos, graphic tools, colour options, backgrounds and 5 GB of cloud storage.

Definitely, it is a fine option to build logos, flyers, social media posters and many other graphics that young businesses must consider using. To benefit from this tool, you just need to sign up on Canva, and you can start designing your graphics with handy tools.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is a famous online photo editor but it’s more than any editor. Yes, you can consider it to edit and build graphics, including company logos, infographics, social media posts, flyers and much more. It provides three major products in this regard.

The first one is Pixlr X, which allows designers to start building templates and editing photos through an online tool. Pixlr E is all about designing flyers, Facebook posts, YouTube thumbnails, business cards and much more. On the other hand, you can also try its desktop product where you can access all of its features on your desktop like software.


GIMP is one of the pioneer graphic design applications that was launched in 1998. It is famous among the designing community as an old graphic design tool. This open-source and free graphic design software enables businesses to benefit from this software on all operating systems, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Users just need to install the software from its official website and start using this tool. You can also integrate third-party plugins with this software to improve its flexibility. Moreover, it is a good choice if you want to include image scripts for your Perl, Python, C and C++ projects.

4. Gravit Designer

If you are in search of Adobe-like graphic products for free, then Gravit Designer should be your preference. This vector application is rich in designing features to aid businesses and individuals. It is not a good tool for novices, but even experienced designers can use it for their premium projects

In addition, its free version enables the companies to consume professional vector tools, multiple filters, fills, advanced import and export property and a powerful text engine. You can’t use this tool through your browser but can also download its desktop versions. Yes, it functions very well for macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Windows.

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is another free vector graphic tool that was made public in 2003. With a tagline of ‘Draw Freely’, it is a favourite of the graphic designing community. But it is not good for designing but also a superb choice when it comes to drawing and illustration

To benefit from its free graphic design app, you just need to visit the official site of Inkscape and click on the ‘Download Now!’ tab. After this, they will show you options for different graphic design laptops and operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS etc. You can select any option according to your requirement or even can get the code for your project. Luckily, this platform also owns a friendly community that can help the startups in case of queries.

6. SVG-Edit

The young companies that only want a web-based but free graphic design application for their projects and general-purpose must consider using SVG-Edit. Under MIT licensing, it performs outstandingly when it comes to creating vector graphics.

However, this JavaScript-based free graphic design tool is more reliable for programming companies that need images to support their app development projects. To get more details about this tool, you can also visit the GitHub page of this app.

7. CorelDraw

Probably, many of you have already used this tool or even would be similar with its competencies. Yes, it is also an old graphic design application that launched in 1989. This leading graphic design company is offering Painter Essentials 8 for free nowadays. But you will have to visit their official website in this regard as soon as possible and can benefit from a free trial.

Although millions of global companies and users are associated with this designing platform. But the major companies that are using CorelDraw are TATA, Abbott and Unilever.

8. Krita

If you want professional, open-source and free graphic design software to deal with your official demands, then you can consider Krita. This notable software was founded in 2006 and got the title of the best free painting software in 2019 by TechRadar.

Indeed, it is not only suitable for designing but also provides excellent tools and features for illustration and painting. To download this feature, you just need to visit the official site of Krita and click ‘Get Krita Now’. It supports Windows, macOS and Linux.

9. Paint.NET

It would be wrong if any of you would say that he/she is not aware of Paint.NET. It is the oldest graphic design tool that is known to paint images among users. This is a free photo editing and designing tool that people have been using for years. Instead of its official site, you can also avail this tool from Windows Store.

In short, this article shares one of the best graphic design applications with startups. Hopefully, our suggestions will aid the readers and companies to pick suitable and good options for their forthcoming projects.

You can also share your experiences about using free graphic design tools by commenting below!


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