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In this article, we will tell you whether you should buy a product from or not. NOTHING.. category and the trust score is 1/100, this site looks like a scam.

Today in this shoptivisiy com survey we will enlighten you really regarding the site, what it does and the legitimacy of the site. Peruse the article beneath to know more.

What is the type of website?

Tivisiy is an online site for selling 3D AOAK CARVING, Craft Tools, Metal Art, Crystals, Crystals and Accessories. Swan Tree Carving Gift Category, Bear Family 3D Handmade Puzzle, Lamp Monogram Gift, Heart Selenite Night Lamp, Love Decor Lamp, Bee Artemis and Rainbow Pearl Earrings, TIVISI Dragon and more. and other groups.
This website was registered on 4/13/2022 and Whois registration expires on 4/13/2023. The trust score of this site is 1/100, this site looks like a scam..

Main features of

Here in this section you will find all important information about, read all information carefully and if you want to buy something on this site. When you need to buy something on a new website, we always recommend searching on our site or on Google.

Page name: Tevisi
Website link: shoptivisiy com
Email: [email protected]
Contact phone: +85253463019
Product category: 3D wood carving, creative art, metal art, crystal, light, accessories.
Product Name: Wooden Monkey Gift, Handmade 3D Family Bear Toy, Monogrammed Fireplace Gift, Moonstone Heart Light, Decorative Love Lamp, Artemis Bee Pearl and Spray Earrings, TIVISI Dragon Ring, etc.
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Dinersclub, American Express, Discover and Paypal.
Delivery time: Standard: 10-15 working days, Express: 7-10 working days.
Return Policy: We accept returns for a refund or credit within 30 days of purchase. The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer (as indicated on the website).
Social Media Links: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
The above considerations will help you understand the legitimacy of the site. Now look at the pros and cons of the site.

Advantages of this online store:

  • Valid SSL, HTTPS certificate is used for user security.
  • Offers multiple payment options to customers.
  • Provides customers with all available and applicable regulations.

Negative features of Tevisi reviews:

This site has a trust score of 1/100 and looks like a scam. This raises trust issues.
Some content on the site appears to be copied from another site
The website domain is very new, registered on 4/13/2022 and will expire on 4/13/2023, causing trust issues.
Now that you know the pros and cons of a site, let’s take a look at the points that confirm a site is legit or a scam, read the section below and don’t forget to leave your feedback if you’ve used this site before. Help people who are confused about this site and always share your feedback.

Points to confirm if is legit or a scam:

  • 1. Site Age: Expires 4/13/2022 and 4/13/2023
  • 2. Maximum discount: Up to 55% off.
  • 3. Website Trust Score: 1/100 This website looks like a scam.
  • 4. Legal reference: SUITE 10542, 7 ARTIST, BALMORAL
  • 5. Customer Complaints: No positive or negative reviews found on the site.
  • 6. Validity of the email address: [email protected]
  • 7. Returns and Exchanges: We accept returns for a refund or credit within 30 days of purchase. The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer (as indicated on the website).


Much of the time posed inquiries about this store:

Tivisiy site is phony?
Indeed, as per our manual examination, we found this site exceptionally dubious. Once more, we suggest that you do your own exploration and audit every one of the subtleties and data to pursue your choice.

Is a trick or genuine?

The site has the biggest assortment of both 3D, Precious stone, Light, Metal Workmanship, Gem, Light, Extras. However, they actually sell all items on the web and don’t acknowledge money down. To be familiar with the authenticity of a site The accompanying focuses will assist you with find out about the authenticity and reasonableness of a site. Look here.

  • Site Creation Date: 13-04-2022 and Lapse 13-04-2023
  • Incredible Costs: Up to 55% off
  • Trust score: 1/100, this page seems to be a trick.

Is this site genuine?

No, this internet based store doesn’t have all the earmarks of being a genuine site.


In light of our manual check, we consider this site dubious as the trust score is 1/100. The legitimacy of the location has been addressed, so we don’t prescribe our guests to buy from this page


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