This article provides real information about Pixoncraft’s online painting portal.
Wondering if Pixoncraft Store is legit? Welcome to this blog.

Today this blog post will help you to check your website as many of your customers are browsing your website online. While the website looks authentic, the look can’t be judged as a new website design, so this review encourages customers to dig deeper.

The site also benefits from the US global market. hand Check out this PixonCraft review to learn more.

Pixon Craft Description:

Pixoncraft is a B2C online shopping website designed to facilitate online transactions. With this portal you do not have to pay shipping costs and everything is easily on the website, so you do not suffer from clutter. The site also offers unique clothing, designs, crafts, and more. The goal is to sell different products. In addition, the site has many products for purchase by customers, so all the products mentioned are available at reasonable prices. 45% discount. The site also offers customers free shipping, 24/7 customer support, and 30 days returns.

Is Pixon Craft Legal? Look here for more information.

Information about the Pixon industry

The website URL is
Materials – fabric, paint, craft
Customer check number.
Address: 165 Borden Avenue, Johnston, RI, 02919
Orders over $40 are free.
The transit period is 30 days.
Time on trial and again – 30 days
Return Policy – within the specified date
Social Network Links – Getting Started
Payment method – PayPal
Your domain has been created – 22-07/2
Of course, users are advised to read these PixonCraft reviews carefully before calling.

Benefits of shopping on this site

Free for all US customers with a minimum purchase of $40.
This website has page addresses with current email addresses and contact details.
Free 30-day trial per store.
This site offers many coupons and discounts.
Customers can assess on the spot.

There is a downside to shopping on this site.

There are no phone numbers on the site.

Is Pixon Craft Legal?

This section provides detailed information about your online store so that customers can view your website. Many people search the internet for real proof of the existence of a website. However, this section outlines legal standards to consider, so if you’re concerned about your website, you’ve come to the right place.

Domain Creation Date – The website’s domain name was recently announced on July 22, 2022. This means that the website is less than 6 months old.
– Of course the exact price will be published on the website, but there are no reviews for Pixoncraft in the store yet.

Expiration date of the domain. Your website’s domain name will be shortened because it expires after July 22, 2023.

Address Address – the address of a particular company is created. Therefore, many organizations share a single site.
Privacy – Inappropriate content; Therefore, the content of the page is moved.
Trust Scale – The website has an average trust score of 60%.
Links to social networks. The social media icons above do not contain links to those social media sites.

Discounts and Offers – There are many discounts offered by the site.

Review of Pixon CraftIC

We have found all locations, because store information plays an important role. Likewise, consumer ratings for each product were listed, but not a word about loyalty. That’s why store reviews aren’t published anywhere, including on TrustPilot.

Here are the steps to take if you lose money on PayPal.

Last decision

According to recent research, the location of this fabric and design is highly questionable. Therefore, we recommend all interested buyers to read this portal carefully before sharing card details. No reviews of Pixoncraft stores have been posted on the web yet and this website will be created soon.


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