The automotive market has always been one of the most competitive sectors. In order to convince interested parties of their offers, a modern, friendly and well-stocked showroom is the method of choice for many car dealers. The trend away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail towards the Internet is also evident in the automotive industry. On-site dealers are often unable to adequately meet the demand for quick information that is available online. Can virtual tours help here and attract more customers to car dealerships again?

Finance And Insurance Deparment For Your Dealership

85% of new car purchased in the United States are financed. Which is why finance and insurance manager is one of the most important person in the dealership operation. They help customer choose the best lender using F&I software.

To purchase a vehicle the customer have to fill out a credit application and F&I manager review the credit application and enter the information into software that talks with multiple banks and lenders.

If you think that you need to have a strong F&I department for your dealership then you can provide training to your staff. 

Finance Manager Training is one of the best F&I training institute in New York. FMT is licensed by their state as an official school. FMT helped dealership to get next level F&I manager to grow sales and revenue for the dealership.

What they will learn with Finance Manager Training

  • How to represent F&I menu
  • How to read credit report
  • How to analyze key signals for lender selection
  • How to sell F&I products in 2023
  • F&I pay plans and income
  • And hundreds more

Virtual 3D tours allow rooms to be experienced on the Internet

Virtual tours, also known as 3D tours, panoramic tours or 360° tours, are interactive digital images of actual premises. They are created through a special type of photography. By taking numerous 360° panorama photos, a 3D room can later be modeled in which interested parties can move freely.

The more shots are taken, the more detailed the virtual tour is at the end: it consists of many 360° shots in the form of spherical panoramas. The user later moves between the individual panoramas. The smaller the distances, the more authentic the experience of a walk-in room in the virtual world. This is exactly the strength of modern 3D tours: Compared to the early days of this technology, today’s images are more detailed and thus offer an immersive experience.

Of course, creating a 3D tour of your dealership comes with some costs at first. With the right marketing strategy, these pay for themselves in no time at all. Virtual tours offer you some unbeatable advantages: The interactivity arouses the curiosity and interest of potential customers. At the same time, they get an insight into your company online and thus decide more often to visit directly and thus also to buy in your house. This in turn ensures positive feedback and recommendations, which also generate sales.

The most important features for a unique virtual tour

A detailed and realistic 3D model of your dealership is just the beginning. What makes a good virtual tour is its interactivity: potential customers identify more strongly with a brand and are much more interested if they are not simply presented with information. By taking the helm themselves, they are more invested and spend more time on your site.

A picture says more than a thousand words, but sometimes additional information is helpful. In a virtual tour you can solve this problem with the help of interactive information points. The user can select these and then receives corresponding offers in the form of texts, images or even videos. For example, you can add appropriate technical data or a video to an exhibit. This also increases the length of stay and prevents interested parties from jumping off your website again.

3D tours are great for grabbing prospects’ attention. Virtual tours hosted in the cloud can be easily linked and shared on your website or on social media. No complicated technical know-how is required for this. Panorama tours are easy and intuitive to use for both you and your customers, so they give you pleasure instead of frustration. With an individual logo and menu you also strengthen the image of your brand.

These are the advantages of virtual 3D tours

Buying a car, whether new or used, is an important and long-term investment for many customers. Accordingly, they want a model that suits them and their needs. They are therefore ready to obtain comprehensive information and are receptive to extensive individual advice. But first they have to find a suitable car dealership.

This is where virtual tours come into play: by presenting yourself from your best side on the Internet and giving an insight into your exhibition, you create trust. Potential customers perceive you as more competent and reliable than any competitors from the outset. Of course, you can score particularly well if you have a model in your showroom that is important for interested parties. If he or she sees this in the 3D tour, the desire for a private consultation will multiply.

A panoramic tour is an effective way to draw attention to you and accompany promotions or discounts. It is particularly advantageous that interested parties can share the link to the virtual tour with their friends, acquaintances and family. In this way, you benefit from the networks and can increase your reach without additional effort.

In times when the budget of car buyers is measured more and more precisely and the wishes of the customers are becoming more and more individual, a 3D tour sends the right signals: Here you will receive individual advice and we have the right car for every need. The online tour ensures that you can also benefit virtually from your elaborately designed showroom and the resulting image.

In just a few steps to your own 3D tour of your car dealership

With careful planning, you can place your showroom on the Internet within a very short time. The process is as follows:

Consulting: Joint brainstorming on the goals and orientation of the virtual tour and the possible conceptual and technical implementation.

  • Offer: Your individual offer for a 3D tour.
  • Planning: setting a recording date and making arrangements to optimize your premises.
  • Recording: Making the necessary spherical panoramas to create the 3D model and tour.
  • Production: Linking of the individual recordings to a finished panoramic tour and hosting.
  • Conclusion: You will receive a link and source code to promote and implement your virtual tour as you wish.


The shift towards online trading is not stopping at traditional sectors such as car dealerships either. Virtual tours and 3D tours allow you to present your offers on the internet in a clearly visible and customer-effective way. Advice and sales still take place on site. Interested parties can already get an idea of your company online. As a result, there are fewer unanswered questions later and you can inspire additional customers with your modern appearance.


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