This article covers the latest case involving Mason Greenwood’s video friend and outlines the facts.

Do you know Mason Greenwood? He is a famous Manchester United and English Premier League player. Greenwood is a trend on the internet, but not because of his football success, but for other reasons.

Harriet Robson, Mason’s girlfriend, is charged with assault. Millions of people in the US, Norway and the UK watched the news. Football fans are obsessed with Mason Greenwood’s video girlfriend.

What’s new

Harriet posted some videos and photos on her social media accounts a few days ago. Harriet, a famous model, is in a long-term relationship with Mason. Mason was charged with physical torture and assault.

Harriet posted a photo of Mason hating on Harriet. The recording makes Mason’s intentions clear. The uploaded photos showed Harriet’s plight. Cuts and bruises can also be seen in these photos. She claims that Mason is responsible for all of his problems.

Video by Mason Greenwood Twitter

Many people share audio recordings on social networks. The audio snippet is trending on Twitter. When you listen to this recording, you will hear two sounds. A man’s voice compels his wife. A female voice declines.

The track was uploaded on January 30, 2023. According to trends, this song has over 4 million views. The clip was retweeted by nearly 13,700 people and liked by 57,700.

Mason Greenwood video on Reddit

Reddit is another popular social media platform. The audio is also available on Reddit.

More than 263 people commented on this audio in the comments section. Share your voice with Manchester United fans. The soundtrack became a hot topic on social media. After this incident, many people demanded an explanation from the Manchester United leadership.

Assessment of “Manchester United”.

Greenwood is considered one of the Red Devils’ most talented players. Authorities issued a statement on Twitter in response to the Mason Greenwood video incident. Red Devils officials said in the report that they will review all audio and video clips.

Team leaders told the media that it was too early to comment on the matter. The association does not support physical violence.

Last update

The city police have taken an important step. Manchester Police also visited Greenwood’s home. The investigative team said it will review all audio and images from Mason Greenwood’s Reddit video.

Harriet Robson’s father wanted Harriet Robson’s daughter to be examined for mental and physical health. Greenwood was also charged in the incident.

Wiki summary for Greenwood

  • Full name / Original name – Mason Will John Greenwood
  • Date of birth – October 1, 2001
  • Professional football player
  • last name unknown
  • club manchester united
  • Place of birth – Bradford
  • Harriet Robinson is the name of his friend.
  • Single marital status


This incident left Mason’s fans in shock. Mason did not provide details. Investigations are ongoing.


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