Buying shoes online at the best price? Find related information, including customer reviews, on KickFactory.

Do you like panda style shoes? As you know, we all want to look good with good shoes according to different combinations when shopping online, so all countries like Australia always order online.

Kickfactory is a shoe factory that offers stylish shoes on an affordable website. If you’re looking for similar products, check out the customer reviews on KickFactory.


What is Kick Factory?

Kickfactory sells a variety of unique shoe products at reasonable prices, so be sure to check out all of the items on the site. This site features products in many countries, including Australia, so you can use the company’s site.

The site contains all the company and product information and you can read all the details on the site before entering the payment method. If you’re shopping on an ecommerce site, you need to know the truth about KickFactory. Is Kickfactory legit or a scam?

Factory specifications of course

The Kickfactory URL is
The email address provided by Kickfactory on the homepage (e.g. [email protected]).

Since contact details are not included anywhere in Kick Factory, direct calls cannot be made.

You can find your head office at your business address (e.g. 228 La Trobe Street Melbourne Victoria 3000).
Many social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are shared and posted there.
You can read customer reviews about KickFactory on our website.
All orders must be shipped within 48 hours with free shipping.
Items can be delivered to KickFactory within 3-5 business days of placing an order.
When ordering by post, delivery is usually within 1 to 2 working days.
The site is fully secured with HTTP and SSL connections.
The site accepts various payment methods such as Visa, Master Account, PayPal, and Google Pay.

KickFactory shared the company’s information on their website for you to check it out.

The best websites for the web.

Kickfactory reviews can be read on the portal.
The boxes are all nice and good, even the public can buy them, so do your research and give it a try.
Site failed

The business address is incorrect as it does not appear on Google Maps.
Phone numbers are not shared.
The manufacturer’s stock is limited.
There are no ads on the site as there is no social media traffic.
There are no comments on this page.
When shopping online, make sure that the company has a good reputation.

Is the company a legal kick?

Kickfactory was updated on June 16 a few months ago.
There is no creation date for this site.
He has pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Several customers have given you feedback about their website URL.
Kickfactory does not provide information about Kickfactory’s owner, so the author’s name is unknown.

Please note that most of the lines on this page have been copied from other pages.
Port reliability 60%.
There is no Alexa ranking on this site.
There are no comments on the site.

Customer Reviews of Kick Factory

KickFactory offers colorfully designed shoes at affordable prices, usually for $50 each. I scrolled here and there just to be sure. I saw some reviews online but didn’t believe them because they were wrong and I was waiting for a reliable article to give me an opinion. Check out the links on how to protect your money from credit card fraud.

One last thought

I have a customer review about Kickfactory on the website, they sell shoes cheap and I can see their business address is not there.


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