This article educates readers about Strongd Scam or legit wholesale websites and their role and credibility.

Do you buy in bulk? Are gadgets and technology important these days? Many people in the United States and around the world choose to purchase equipment for their business in addition to their homes.

Since 2010, Strongd is a web developer providing consumer electronics to end users and online stores. Mighty Jobber is arguably the largest online marketplace for furniture and appliances. company. But is it serious or a legit scam or find out the solution below.

Is it powerful, online or self-explanatory?

  • REGISTRATION DATES, DIGITAL WEBSITE TERMINATION DATES: The mandatory registration period and termination dates for the site are 16 Gregorian 2022, 16 Gregorian 2022, and 15 Gregorian of the Month 2022. The year is 2023.
  • A similar service provider or Stronggd website name: a link to the Stronggd website or a link to a registered domain such as
  • Social Networks: Powerful websites are not affiliated with social networks.
  • Index of Participating Sites: In the online table, the Stronggd website only got 22 or more positions.
  • Rating: Stronggd is a leading online store for university education with an online rating of 38.8.
    Individual customer reviews: strong reviews are not published in any system.
    Trust Score Only 27% of people trust Strongd’s website.
    For more information, visit the Strongd page and come back here for more information.

What is the name of your powerful online store?

According to Strong’s website, the company was founded in 2010 by Reza Mansori of Martinez County, USA. Sales leaders consistently deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

Strongd platform offers various tools and furniture. Strongd provides after-sales service to more than 140 distributors and authorized dealers in the United States to ensure customer satisfaction. But make sure it is a scam and legal.

Learn more about our powerful online store:

Website Link –
Email Address – [email protected]
Contact number: Contact details:
Opening hours: weekends and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and Sunday from 11:00 PM to 5:15 PM
The main address is usually 2285 Saxon Street, California, USA 94553.
Strongd’s payment options include MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal, and Visa.
Shipping Policy: Strong Online Store ships wholesale or retail orders within 4 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Strongd’s website offers free shipping anywhere in the United States.
Money-Back Guarantee: Stronggd’s online store offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. For more information, visit the wholesaler’s website. This can be false or true.

Key features of a powerful online store:

Our powerful online store offers a wide range of lifestyle accessories and tools.
The Strongd platform allows you to buy cheap items in bulk.
Discover the best brands, stores and neighborhoods.
Delivery time is 5-8 days, remote areas need more than 2 days.

Strengths of a strong entrepreneur:

Powerful platforms cannot ship orders anywhere in the world other than the United States.
Hard products cannot be trusted.
Strongd mentions the US domain registration page from 2010, the first page from 2022.
Solid shipping is limited to the Anchorage area only.

Review by Stronggd:

There is no information on customer satisfaction or customer reviews about the Stronged Wholesale website. The buyer’s opinion is not available in the market due to the lack of knowledge in the network. The products sold in this store seem cheap and of poor quality. This is why no customer wants to leave a review on Stronggd online platform. Customers are unlikely to come across this site due to a lack of trust.

Our advanced research and analysis shows that joining the Stronggd store and paying victims is a good way to spend money. So look for reliable sources and keep an eye out for new online stores to buy in bulk Also make sure you understand if it’s a scam and if it’s legit before you trust it.

Therefore, do not buy Stronggd products until you hear from customers about the company’s products and its marketers. Also, learn more about what you need to know about PayPal fraud.

Final Verdict:

Strong wholesale networks were irresponsible and incomplete. Therefore, we do not recommend buying from Stronged until it has gained the trust of its customers.

For the best online shopping experience, follow this link and read everything you need to know about MasterCard fraud on this page. Does anyone think this is a scam, scam or legit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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