The PayDay panel says you can earn between $25 and $75 per survey by visiting the site.

But is PayDay Panel one of the highest paid scam or review sites?

As a couple I am not a fan of this palette. There are many things they don’t tell you and you can waste a lot of time after my experience.

I’ve tested the site myself and will give you an insight into the PayDay panel if you’re involved so you can see what you’ve received and decide if your time is worth it.

What is the PayDay Panel and what is on the website?

At first glance, the PayDay panel looks like a regular search page. It says on the first page alone that a search can earn you between $25 and $75.

I’ve done thousands of web searches myself and tried hundreds of pages. Sometimes there is a lot of paid research, but most of the time you won’t see a report from the research team because this fee is always recommended for research. Because it gives people false hope.

You can earn extra money by taking surveys, but you rarely know what paid surveys are, which is not always the case for sponsors. PayDay panel (again).

This bothered me a bit from the start, I did some deep research and found that the page was created by the same people who saw SaySo4Profit and didn’t agree with it. However, I decided to go to the PayDay panel to see what happened.

I made a video below to show you exactly what I received. You can read the whole article

Spam registration:

Overall, the search engine search process is fast and you are on the platform in minutes. A painting is never as simple as a gift.

The first thing to worry about is the terms you will accept when you join the committee. The following is printed in lowercase on the subscribe button.

How will they pay?

As you can see, I’m not sure about the PayDay panel.

Another reason is that the site does not have to pay for itself.

This may seem possible before registration, but it is not. The PayDay Panel only supports links to other sites. You will be directed to your right place with good search sites where you can earn money if you are lucky enough to see ads results.

But PayDay Panel itself does not charge fees and you cannot make real money on the site.

Can you use it on your phone?

It’s very easy to check on mobile because it’s so easy, if you’ve read any of my previous tests you’ll know why I added the section showing that mobiles can do this. places to visit

In most cases, you can use Panel PayDay on your mobile phone. The website is optimized for mobile use. But as we’ve explained before, the options are limited and the site itself doesn’t pay for it, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend on the phone number or not.

For example, if you love mobile searching, you can use apps to find the best places rather than giving them a way to make money elsewhere.

Final Verdict – Legal or Scam?

Honestly, I don’t think this site is worth listening to but is PayDay Board legal or is it a scam? Explain the pros and cons next to it so you can make the decision for yourself.


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