Inflammation is usually considered to be a serious issue which is often unnoticed by a lot of people. Many of us do not even realise that we are suffering from chronic inflammation. It is a dangerous condition and it requires its own remedies over the time. We do not realise that we are suffering from inflammation until the time we experience swelling, pain and uneasiness during digestion. One is likely to experience hot flashes very often dur to inflammation. Here we discuss some of the common ways to naturally cure inflammation. The list of the foods that you must try have bene given in the following way.

  • Gond Katira

We already know that gond katira is very helpful to cool down the body. it acts as a natural healer and cures inflammation easily. Gond katira benefits our body by curing swelling and inflammation. It helps to reduce pain and also helps us with our gut health. According to the research, most of us suffer from gut inflammation due to the imbalance of the digestive enzymes. Gond Katira benefits us by regulating the release of enzymes.

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also a great remedy for healing inflammation. But many people do not consume Vitamin B12 because most of its sources are non-vegetarian in nature. Well, for your information let us tell you that we have a number of Vitamin B12 vegetarian foods as well. These vitamin B12 vegetarian foods include cottage cheese, panner, milk, curd and most of the green leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 helps top heal the inflammation instantly just like gond katira benefits us.

  • Mulethi

Mulethi is the best immunity booster that one can find in Ayurveda. It is a wholesome and at the same time, it is the best source for healing chronic inflammation. Mulethi helps to reduce swelling and balance the hormones. It is the best way to reduce pain during inflammation. Many of the vitamin B12 vegetarian foods are also infused with the goodness of Mulethi. Therefore, one must always try to add these diuetary foods to your daily life, so that it becomes feasible for you to sustain the pain caused by inflammation.

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one nutrient that you would be wanting to a great extent to fight inflammation. It benefits us just like gond katira benefits our body. It helps in the production of the red blood cells which try to heal swelling and even cure the pain. Vitamin A sources include all the vitamin B12 vegetarian food options as well such as the green leafy vegetables. So technically, you don’t need to consume a lot of variety of food items because most of the nutritional needs would be fulfilled in this way.

  • Saffron

Saffron benefits us by curing our inflammation even at the most severe stage. It is a readily available spice. It works in a similar way in which the gond katira benefits our body. Saffron is going to help people to a great extent if they are also suffering from inflammation. This is the best spice which improves our digestion, our gut health and works wonders for many of our body parts.


One must be in the position to think that just by maintaining a good diet, it will become possible for you to stay healthy. This is the best remedy that we can actually follow. It is very useful for treating inflammation in the healthiest way. This is going to help people in the long run so that they do not suffer from any problem as inflammation if not treated can cause many problems.


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