Earlier, it was quite open for someone with no experience, training or boating safety knowledge, to operate a boat for recreational purposes. But this has changed. Many accidents use to occur and many used to die. So, to avoid such mishaps, the government of Canada implemented a few Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations that can help the Canadian waterways to have responsible operators. This makes it compulsory for all the motorized boat operators to have a valid proof of competency to operate the vessel. The most common proof of competency in Canada as of now is the Boating license, also known as the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Many people get overwhelmed by the Ontario boating test laws and thus require an experienced individual to guide them through the process. Sprint Driving, being one of the finest school of driving in Ontario, has mentioned a few guidelines on the process to get your boat license in Ontario.

The Ontario Boat License Practice Test

There are about 149 Knowledgeable points given by the Canadian Coast Guard. A learner should adhere to these points. At Sprint Driving, we provide complete study materials and study guides. On the completion of your practice course, you will appear for the timed Transport Canada Boating Safety Test. Do not worry if you do not clear your test on one-go. You will be given another opportunity, for the same, after 24 hours.

The Temporary Card

As soon as you pass the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test, you would be required to pay $39.39 CAD, which is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card fee or Boating License fee. You can instantly print it and use it as your temporary Boating License, active and valid in Ontario as well as all other provinces.

Finally, Receiving Your Boating License in Mail

Then in about 2 or 3 weeks, your Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) or Boating License will be in your hand through the mail. This card or license has a lifetime validity. Just like your temporary card, this license is also valid through Ontario and all other provinces.

At Sprint Driving, we have come across a few frequently asked questions from our students, which can definitely help many. We have mentioned a few that can really help.

Are You Required to Learn From a Canadian Boating or Driving School?

Well, any NASBLA approved courses will do but a Driving School is a must.

Is There Any Boating License Ontario Age Limit?

No. There is no minimum age requirement. If you want to soar in the sea, you just need a will. Age cannot limit anyone.

Are You Required to be a Canadian Citizen to Acquire This License?

No. People of any nationality can appear for the test, as long as they wish to sail around and in Canada.

Ontario itself has about 400,000 lakes, streams, and rivers to offer to all boaters around the world, making it a ‘must’ on your boating checklist. A boating license will give you an access to all these beautiful waterways in Ontario.

While you are boating, the operator is considered to be responsible for the safety of all aboard. Thus, to protect your passengers and yourself, you need to take safety and boating lessons. It will teach you all about the working of the boat, how to navigate, what should you do in case of emergencies or accident and like.


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