Picsart is a platform that allows users to be creative when editing photos and videos. The app is pretty good with the free version, but the subscription version of the Picsart Gold app allows users to unlock unlimited content of their own. Picsart Gold not only unlocks premium editing tools, but also gives users cross-platform access to both the mobile and web browser versions of Picsart. But did you know that Discord Nitro members can receive a usage code for their Picsart Gold subscription?

I agree. Three months of Picsart Gold subscription is free for Discord Nitro members for a limited time. Here’s how to take advantage of this great suggestion:

Above all, this code exchange option is only available to $ 9.99 Nitro subscribers. This offer is not available to Nitro Classic or Boost-only members. Also, the promotion code is only available in some places. If you see an “Unknown Gift Code” error, it means that your promotion is not enabled in your area. In addition, only new and first Picsart Gold subscribers will receive this gift code. Users who have previously participated in Picsart Gold will not be able to use this offer.

To get a free Picsart Gold subscription, follow these steps:

Log in to Discord
Move to gift inventory
You can now tap Picsart Gold Gift Request to receive a 12-digit code.
Go to your Picsart account.
Use the code to enjoy your Picsart Gold subscription for 3 months without interruption. Subscriptions will become paid members after 3 months, so you will need to enter your payment details to take advantage of this offer.

When will my Picsart Gold usage code expire?

This promotional offer will run from March 22nd to May 21st, 2022. This offer will not be available after May 21st. If you request a code from Gift Inventory, the code will expire if you do not use it until June 20, 2022.

This is all you need to know to receive and use your Picsart Gold subscription code. Check out the more seductive photo art codes to get great discounts and free in the app.


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