Florida: Matador Meggings are all set for their summer collection wrap-up. Their wide range of selection covers everything from the regular to the radiant. Unique additions like their Pride Collection add more color and style. Standing out from their competition as a fashionable and functional high-performance athleisure wear brand for men, the summer collection reiterates how Matador Meggings has managed to provide men with the ideal replacement for boring pants.

The entire exclusive Summer Collection features pieces that define the functionality and radiance that Matador Meggings offer. Speaking of functionality, all Shorts and meggings are equipped with 

  • A zipper pocket for valuables.
  • open pocket for your phone.
  • A soft crotch cup to conceal your penis line. 
  • A towel/t-shirt loop at the back. 
  • An inner drawstring to prevent crack accidents. 

Here is a look at the entire line of models that have been launched during the summer season. 

Top Collection Of T-shirts And Tank Tops

Black- Cool and casual, these black tops are ideal if you want to keep a low profile. Made out of high-grade sweat-wicking fabric, these tops are made for both outdoor and indoor activities. 

Arrow– A Matador Meggings staple, this radiant top is what meggings are all about. Flaunt your radiance at the gym or walk in as the life of the party, these tops are sure to make an impression.

Gray Camo– A variation of the traditional and universally loved green camo print, these gray camo tops and tank tops are ideal for hiking, biking, running, and any other physical activity. 

Marble- Adding a sophisticated tone to the Summer Collection, these tops exude the easy and laid-back vibe of summer. Flaunt that tan in this beauty. 

Blue Camo – Looking to make an impression? This is the top for you. A more vibrant take on the traditional green camo print, this is the print that guarantees a second look.

Black Thunder – Add a sense of machismo with these electric-printed tops. These wrinkle-free tops are silky smooth and require no ironing. 

The tops offered by us  are made of high-quality sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and odor free even after the most rigorous summer workouts. The tops are made out of 92% Polyester and 8% Lycra to make them durable and comfortable.

Shorts Collection 

The summer ushered in an entirely new side to Matador Meggings. The Shorts launch brought out a completely fresh vibe to the brand. Having all the functional features of meggings, the entire Shorts Collection turned out to be a whole new way to embrace the summer. Here’s what the launch showcased:

Gray & Gray Shorts: Simplicity never fails. These compression shorts are a fail-safe choice when it comes to gym wear or regular wear 

Green Camo Shorts – These awesome pair of traditional green camo compression shorts help boost your performance while making you look like the da bomb. 

Ocean Shorts – Walk in with the vibrance of summer in these unique ocean-blue shorts by Matador Meggings. Meant for workouts and parties alike,  these shorts make you feel like you’re the ruler of the seven seas. 

Black & Gray Shorts- A crowd favorite, these shorts go with everything. It does not matter if you’re heading out for a hike or prepping to run a marathon, these shorts can definitely walk the walk. 

Just like our tops, the shorts that we have to offer are also made of premium fabric that draws moisture away from your body, keeping you dry. The Meggings and Shorts are made out of 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra.

Pride Collection 

The pride collection is specifically designed to eliminate and move past dressing norms. Stemming from the vision of yoga instructor and LGBTQ entrepreneur, Valentine Aseyo, this collection is how Matador Meggings is promoting diversity in the world of athleisure wear. Valentine mentions that: 

It’s time to break down the brick walls society has put up or paint it rainbow colors and be our true self”

The Pride Collection specifically features:

Pride butterflies – Bedazzle them with your colorful side. These OMG meggings are

The most radiant way to come out to the world and also showcase who you are in the brightest way possible. 

Pride Zigzag – Definitely a crowd favorite. A dash subtler than the Pride butterflies, but these meggings are sure to get you the attention you deserve. 

Pride T-shirts – The perfect tops for your Pride Meggings. Complete your stroke of radiant brilliance with your matching Pride T-shirts. It’s all about expressing who you are in the most colorful and fun way possible. 

Before the Summer Collection wraps up, be sure to visit the website and pick up your favorite piece of athleisure wear today. Extending beyond borders, Matador Meggings is now available exclusively for EU countries, click on the link to check out their Summer Collection Wrap-up. 


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