The purpose of this article is to provide readers with important information about Nasco and Nasbo events.

Did you hear about this traffic accident? There was a truck accident in the Philippines recently. The story spread online. People all over the world are shocked and worried by this truck accident. If you don’t know what happened and want to know more, please join us. This article provides all the necessary information about the Haveli case and all the details about the case, the attacker and the victim.

What happened to Nasmuba?

The accident happened in Nasokubo village at 9 am on Monday. It happened in Batangas area, south of Manila. The truck came from Pampanga, Mexico, where it collided with a fruit pit on the side of the road, ran over a motorcycle and collided with a car.

The passenger vehicle had a motorcyclist, a driver and five passengers. The police said that the truck plying on the national highway was filled with sand. The truck lost its brakes and fell, killing eight people.

Batangas eggplant accident information

The truck driver was found to be 28-year-old Ben Brian Constantinou, who lives in Bagon Barrio in the city of Whiskas. The truck belongs to Worldwide Ventures. When he left Mexico, Ben Bryan had two new partners, 24-year-old Jair Aranzado and 23-year-old Faustino Cuenco.

Aranzadu is a resident of Barangay Palaung and Koenko is a resident of Barangay Baguete. Both were younger than Constantine and served as his assistants. The investigation revealed that the truck also hit a blue Yamaha Ericks motorcycle. A 42-year-old male Yamaha motorcycle rider lives in Barangay Balibago.

No lights for accident victims

The fire department’s letter mentions seven victims. Among those killed with Sanran are 24-year-old Catherine Embu and 53-year-old Gerson Santos. Sabi Santos, 24 years old. Evelyn Santos, 56 years old. Maybe Santos, 53 years old. And 4 months Candy Santos. All those who lost their lives in the truck accident have died. The cyclist died soon after. A truck driver and two Constantino assistants were injured. The dump truck driver is currently in custody and there are some suspects.

What is the public’s reaction to the Batangas Naskpo incident?

People are angry with the driver who caused the accident. People call Ben Brian Constantine a fool. He advises the victim’s family to take strict action immediately.


This chapter describes the incident of Nasba and the victims and their problems. Learn more about this event.


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