Living in metro cities has several advantages, and the biggest one is the ease of having access to anything essential all the time. But, you need to be wary that metro cities are costly. Finding employment and accommodation can be a serious pain in the neck in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore. You must be well-prepared before visiting any of the Indian metro cities. Read further to know the various tips to lead a simple life in big cities.

Find Time for Nature

If you want to spend more time outdoors in India, one of the best ways to do it is by taking time out to cherish natural beauty. You can even go on hikes with your buddies and experience India’s natural wonders without worrying about traffic. Moreover, seeking local art exhibitions or enjoying traditional Indian cuisine can help you forget about the hectic city life and make it feel like home.

Relaxation Places

Another great way to reduce stress while living in India is by finding ways to relax at home. Some are spending time listening to music, meditating or simply relaxing on a mattress with a good book. All these can help take your mind off things and let you find some peace and relaxation during those hectic days leading up to your trip. Additionally, exploring new neighbourhoods or towns around town can offer new opportunities for relaxation that may be difficult to find in other parts of the city.

Invest Time in Favourite Activities

When you have less time, find ways to use it productively by doing things that make you happy such as reading books or playing video games outside. It will help take the focus off impending tasks and give you more free time to enjoy life instead of slogging through workday routines.

Make a Difference in your Community

One way to contribute actively to your community is by volunteering with local organisations or helping out at their events or projects. Volunteering can allow you to meet new people and help positively impact society — something that could be very rewarding for you and the organisation you support.

Avoid Buying Costly Furnishings

Since you have already found accommodation, you may wish to do something for your interiors. But, before doing so, you must pay close attention to your budget and spending. Try to avoid going for costly furniture pieces for your new house. Instead, look for a low-cost sofa, bed, table, or desk. Besides, you can even decide on getting electronic items such as an oven, washing machine, PlayStation, and tv on rent.


Staying grounded and living within your budget is the key to leading a simple life in a big city. Try finding alternatives for everything that may harm your budget, as running out of money can make life harder in future.


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