Anyone residing in Australia knows that the weather could be fickle in the country. And the harsh sun blaring down your shoulders isn’t the only problem. Extreme weather conditions like rain and stormy winds could upset your plans too. That’s a big reason why most business enterprises that have outdoor dining zones for their customers can’t seem to make the most use of a beautiful space because of inclement weather. Under the circumstances, commercial café umbrellas come to their rescue. They not only protect your guests from the weather conditions but also give them the ambience they deserve.

Café umbrellas in Australia have emerged as extremely popular options. The outdoor restaurant umbrellas are a lightweight and flexible shade solution, offering superior durability. Being a business owner, you can also use them to promote your brand. It’s no wonder then why so many businesses have resorted to restaurant umbrellas to shade decks, pools, and other outdoor areas.

In this blog, we tell you about the various benefits of commercial café umbrellas

  • Protection

The purpose of commercial umbrellas is much more than just the design and adding aesthetic value to your outdoor space. These outdoor umbrellas provide patrons with effective weather protection from the elements of nature. If your guests feel safe and shielded from the sun and rain, the reputation and image of your business will grow manifold. Commercial umbrellas also block harmful UV rays, meaning that your patrons can relax and spend a calm and comfortable afternoon in your outdoor space without worrying about the weather one bit.

Most restaurant umbrellas are made of frames like aluminium, fibreglass or steel. These materials are wind-resistant and corrosion-resistant and are, therefore, durable and long-lasting. They also come with a heavy base so that you can stabilise the umbrella. Additionally, you can also purchase weights like sandbags, metal plates or water weights to secure the umbrella when facing strong winds. After all, it could cause you embarrassment if the wind blows away or topples over an umbrella in front of your guests. Worse, it might also cause damage to the umbrella and hurt your customers. So it is always safe to properly secure your umbrella. 

We would also advise you to fold and pack the umbrella and ask your guests to move inside if the wind speed increases. Regardless of the weight of the base, a strong gust of wind can easily flip over your umbrella. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Expand your outdoor space

When it comes to expanding outdoor space, commercial café umbrellas are a great option. They are lightweight, flexible and can easily be installed in any location. You’ll no longer be restricted to a few square feet outside your venue. Instead, you can use a bigger space that will allow you to fit more tables and chairs comfortably. This, in turn, will allow you to invite more customers and increase your sales. 

Another advantage of using outdoor restaurant umbrellas is that it gives you the freedom to use the space any time of the year, be it rain or shine. Essentially then, you are telling your patrons that your doors are always open around the year.

  • Attract new customers and grow your business

If the weather is nice, people in Australia don’t want to stay home and inside. Instead, they want to be out and about, socialise, and enjoy themselves, especially in post-Covid days. By using comfortable outdoor seating with umbrellas for shade and protection, you are giving potential customers a very direct indication that you understand their needs. Having a café umbrella in Australia provides a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Cafes with outdoor seating and umbrellas can also become popular venues for birthday parties and other celebrations. By providing your guests the means to be seated outside and enjoy the fresh air, you are only telling them that they are being looked after.

  • Aesthetics and branding

A beautiful quaint café with comfortable furniture and seating arrangement and decorative items could be very appealing. Add a good quality colourful restaurant umbrella, your customers are bound to notice and appreciate the aesthetic features of your outdoor space. 

Moreover, if you can afford to have your umbrellas branded with your business’ logo or design, customers will be able to locate your establishment easier.


If you’re looking for a robust commercial café umbrella, don’t settle for an inferior product. Spending money and time on decorating your outdoor space is a worthy investment and will entice your patrons to return to your establishment, knowing that they will be taken care of. Moreover, they will also know that their electronic devices, such as phones and laptops, will be protected from inclement weather elements.

Nowadays, you can also customise umbrellas with your own unique logo and design pattern to promote your brand. And if you can blend the umbrellas with the outdoor set-up, it can give your space a more sophisticated, elegant and comfortable look.


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