Many contests are held to encourage children’s inner abilities and talents, such as art and dance skills. One such contest named Balchitrakala Spardha was held in India.

Today we will discuss www Balchitrakala Com 2022, standards, themes, prizes and categories to participate in this contest. So maybe your child can win this contest.

Balchitrakala Spadha’s Theme

The Balchitrakala Spardha Contest is held annually in Maharashtra. However, the competition was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. But now it is organized. This contest encourages children from grades 1 to 10 to have art skills such as drawing and painting. The theme of this contest is based on cleanliness. So they need to express their thoughts about a neat city through their painting skills. Winners will receive a prize and a certificate.

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Start with these competitive categories. There are four groups described below.

Group 1 includes children in classes 1 and 2.
Group 2 includes children from grades 3 to 5.
Group 3 includes children from grades 6-8.
Group 4 includes children in grades 9-10.
The second step describes the awards that will be awarded to the winners. Winners will receive a prize with a certificate. The amount is as follows.

Rs. 1st place winner from 25k
Rs. Second winner from 20k
Rs. 3rd winner from 15k
Rs. 5k to the 4th winner. Please note that according to www Balchitrakala Com 2022, 10 students will be awarded the 4th prize.
Important details of the Balchitrakala Spaardha competition
There are a few things to keep in mind before you enter this contest.

The contest will be held in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The registration process for this contest is done online.
Only students from grades 1 to 10 can participate in this contest.
Its official website is
This is the 14th season of the Balchitrakala Spardha competition.
All of these points need to be kept in mind as they are important details about this competition. I’ve talked a lot on www Balchitrakala Com 2022 and hope this article has helped you.

Requirements for this contest

Some basic details should be written and mentioned in the picture. These details are as follows:

The mobile phone number of the owner or parent.
Email ID for registration.
These are the basic requirements for this contest as entered from the official website.

Photos can only be uploaded after registration between January 9, 2022 and January 12, 2022. All details about this contest are shared in this article. So please read to the end.


According to www Balchitrakala Com 2022, we shared all the details of the contest. So you will know the theme, category and prizes of this contest. Check out this link to find out more about the Balchitrakala Spardha Contest.


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