The Writing for Us staff post is a comprehensive guide for contributors who want to write about their work at

Are you a passionate humanities and HR writer? Do you want to share your HR experience and knowledge with another group of readers? The role of the recruitment industry is becoming global as multinational companies seek to expand their presence.

Marifilm guest posts are a great opportunity for many industry experts to share their work with a global audience that frequents their platform. Write Us Recruitment is a comprehensive guide for members interested in writing guest posts on our website.



Marifilmines is entering the media industry to provide viewers with high-quality, unbiased content on a variety of topics. A core team of writers and researchers working on the site focused on individual segments with a global audience.

Website Reviews – Contains detailed, unbiased reviews of websites that sell products and services in the digital space.

Product overview. This section provides a detailed overview of each product previously sold on e-commerce platforms.

News – International events and topics of interest to a global audience are available in the News section.

Send us a guest post on Mandendingsblog:

Globalization has increased the burden of finding workers for companies and has brought special advantages to multinational companies. The company started expanding its activities in other countries. Skilled manpower was needed for them. The employment industry has grown due to its inherent strength and rapid availability of skilled workers.

Hosting guests on the team provides an opportunity for players from different industries to share their knowledge and perspectives on the subject. Employers can create attractive presentations for their target audience and capture long-term attention. Technology recruiting companies can communicate with their target customers about their products and services.

The Write Us + Staff blog can be used by everyone in the industry to share ideas with potential users and clients.

How can members benefit from guest posting?

They get thousands of regular visitors as viewers of their broadcasts.
Bloggers and writers will have the opportunity to add this work to their portfolio and reach an international audience.
Industry specific websites can write informative articles and increase brand awareness among people.
Technology and staffing companies can share details about their products and inform potential customers.
Types of Content Allowed in Blog Posts for “Write to Us” Contributors:
We welcome your own personal content supported by well-researched and reliable links.
Digital launch of new content for the first time.

These topics cover all aspects of the recruitment process.

Try to share informative articles about your employees and try to avoid promotional content.

Tips for writing guest posts for staff blogs:

Articles should be at least 1000 words.
Developers should use headlines that grab the reader’s attention.
We accept unique and innovative guest blog articles.
Create a recruiting blog that helps you climb search engine results by creating SEO-friendly guest posts.
Pages with a maximum spam rate of 2-3% should be used as links to guest submitted articles.
At least 90% of the article should be written in a professional voice.
We accept grammatically correct stories with a grammar score of 100.
Write 100% plagiarism free content.
Titles and subtitles should match the content.
Write in simple language that the common reader can easily understand.

To write guest posts for us, external and internal links should be used as backlinks.
Try to write content that can capture your audience in a short period of time.

Topics Covered by Guest Team Posts:

Personnel planning.
Nature of work.
Work on another job.
Employers benefit from recruiting programs.
Integration Techniques


Staffing organizations and specialists from this industry can join our Write for Us Staffing visitor post drive and offer their thoughts and sentiments with thousands of normal guests coming to our platform. Givers with inquiries on staffing visitor sites can contact our group at the above mail.


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