The sound produced by a speaker is enhanced within the speaker by many components before being released. These components adjust the sound’s frequency and also help create or remove bass according to the requirement. One of these components is the Subwoofer.

Subwoofer Speakers produce a high and varying range of sound frequencies due to the presence of the subwoofer. The subwoofer is an integral part of a sound system as they produce richer sound and provide bass to boost up your parties. Without a subwoofer, all frequencies are not able to pass through. Hence without it, all sounds will not pass through, and you will miss out on some sounds.

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Bass Up Technology

On the audio spectrum, the bass is the most significant frequency. It is also the frequency that the listener can feel the most. Soundcore’s Subwoofer Speakers have the latest Bass Up technology that offers unrivaled low-end intensity and power. They utilize an in-house-tuned digital signal processor with multiple dynamic range controllers to analyze and intensify bass frequencies in real time. Bass Up speakers use NdFeB (neodymium) drivers to turn this digital data into irresistible sound. These advanced transducers ensure the final step of audio reproduction delivers sound with breathtaking depth and power.

Soundcore Subwoofer Speakers Model Recommend:

Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus by Soundcore are the best-selling Subwoofer Speakers. They produce up to 80W powerful sounds of up to 40kHz using their woofers, tweakers, diaphragms, and titanium drivers to ensure you receive the best sound possible.

  • Motion Boom

The Motion Boom by Soundcore uses titanium diaphragms to produce sounds of the highest frequencies audible to the human ear. The metal, titanium, allows sound to be driven at extremely high amplitudes by the amplifiers to pass through without any damage. It helps them achieve the maximum stiffness required to operate. Hence the speaker can produce crystal clear sounds outdoors at the highest of volumes.

  • Motion Boom Plus 

The Motion Boom Plus, on the other hand, is a Subwoofer Speaker that utilizes its two 30W woofers and 10W tweakers to help produce a massive 80W booming sound. In addition to this, it has four drivers with acoustic combinations to enhance your listening experience. The Motion Boom Plus also contains two radiators that help synchronize frequency levels. All of these components combine in a subwoofer system to produce a crystal-clear sound with high bass to provide you with the best listening experience you will ever get.

Other benefits:

In addition to an efficient subwoofer system, the Soundcore Subwoofer Speakers have numerous other specifications that make them stand out:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The speakers have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 facility that allows flawless connectivity without any interruptions and produces the same crystal-clear sound throughout
  • Long-lasting Battery: These Subwoofer Speakers have insane battery time, with both models lasting around 24 hours when fully charged. They also support USB-C-type fast charging to help charge in hours.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Relative to their specifications, the Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus are small, lightweight speakers that you can carry everywhere. They come equipped with a strap to wear around your neck. So you never lose it.
  • Resistivity against Dust and Water:  Soundcore has instilled IPX7 protection inside the speakers, making them strong enough to withstand a rain shower and dust storm. In addition to this, the Subwoofer Speakers are very durable and are not damaged easily.


All these features, including their excellent sound system, make them the perfect speaker for outdoor trips. You can take them out for hiking and fishing or even use them for an outdoor party. Their enhanced bass sound makes them a must-have for any event. You can get your Subwoofer Speaker here


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