The Bay Area is known for its progressive businesses, beautiful landscapes, and its rolling hills. Oakland is the third-largest city in the Bay Area. Thinking of moving to this sunny city? Well, let’s talk about some of the awesome activities available in Oakland before you make your big move.

Oakland Museum of California

If there’s one thing that Oakland is not short on, it’s creativity. The museum is home to interactive exhibits, art from around the world, and displays relating to natural sciences. They make the museum perfect for visitors of all ages. There are plenty of activities and exhibits that cater to young children so you can bring your whole family along. They provide the perfect venue for creativity and education, offering classes and events as well. 

Additionally, you can visit the museum on Sundays for free, they only ask for a small donation. The museum is operated by the community and relies on its members for support, making it a museum for the people, by the people. The exhibits change frequently, offering a platform for the many different communities and cultures of Oakland. 

If you are looking to get yourself and your family more involved in community programs, you can find all of that at the OMCA. What’s even better is at so many of the events they host, they have food from all over the city! You can learn about the arts while enjoying a bite from some of the greatest culinary crafters of all time.

Marin Headlands

From personal experience, we can guarantee you will be in love with visiting the Golden Gate National Recreational Area known as the Marin Headlands. The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco and Oakland so this is just a quick commute from Oakland. It’s no secret that California has amazing weather. Usually, the summers are hot and dry with mildly chilly winters. You get a Mediterranean climate in these parts. The headlands sometimes even create their weather and fog. 

The center point of the headlands is Hawk Hill. It’s known as a great lookout to view the bridge and the many birds that dwell on these peaks. This is a must-stop location if you are searching for houses for sale in Oakland. The view from this park is something that will stick with you for a lifetime. Besides the view, there are many other focal points to visit while in the National Park.

The Point Bonita Lighthouse is an active lighthouse maintained by the Coast Guard. It was built in 1855 and is a national landmark. You’ll also notice a lot of remnants of military facilities. Fort Barry is located in the headlands and you can see the former Nike Missile launch site. This was established during the cold war to protect our shores from an attack by Soviet bomber aircraft. Ultimately, you’ll find spectacular scenery coupled with education when you visit the Marin Headlands. 

Oakland Zoo and San Francisco Zoo

The Oakland Zoo turns 100 years old this year and they are celebrating! This zoo is a non-profit sanctuary for the conservation of wildlife. The Oakland Zoo has been recognized for its leadership in protecting the welfare of animals, especially its elephant care programs. There are over 850 native and exotic animals. There is a strong focus on sustainability with exhibits and trails that highlight the effects that animals, plants, and humans have on each other. 

The San Francisco Zoo is another notable zoo in the SF/Oakland area. The zoo was home to the famous Koko the gorilla. There are more than 1,000 animals and over 250 species that call this place home. The San Francisco Zoo also takes part in conservation and sustainability. After hunting regulations were changed during the 2017 presidential administration, there was a huge uptick in orphaned baby bear cubs. The SF Zoo took them in. The zoo is also home to Henry, a blind sea lion who was found stranded in Humboldt County.

Between the 4 attractions here, you’ll have plenty of fun on your visit to Oakland. And maybe you’ll have enough fun here that you’ll get the urge to live here full time. Truly one of the most naturally beautiful places in the United States, Oakland, and the Bay Area deserve all the praise we give them!


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