Dropbox was one of the trailblazers in the field of distributed storage. Indeed, even today, the expression “drop a document” is firmly connected with Dropbox’s administration. In any case, organizations from Europe and Germany are progressively searching for a decent Dropbox elective.

The explanations behind this are complex. Many organizations has fostered a Dropbox elective for you, which not exclusively can do significantly more than Dropbox. Here your information is put away safely and DSGVO agreeable. Obviously, you can initially test and evaluate the German option for a safe cloud for organizations for nothing. The time for testing is for nothing and without commitment, however you actually get full help from the specialist co-op!

What is Dropbox, and for what reason would it be a good idea for you to search for a German other option?

Dropbox is a distributed storage administration that permits you to store different documents online in a simple and straightforwardly available manner. It is a combination of collaborating space, and advanced stockpiling. You would store be able to records, yet additionally share them with a characterized gathering of clients for altering.

This makes such a framework practically basic for your computerized organization. Be that as it may, clients from Germany have a huge issue while utilizing Dropbox: It is definitely not an European supplier. The organization is situated in the USA and is consequently not completely dependent upon European and German information insurance regulations. In any case, organizations from Germany need an advanced distributed storage that permits them to store their records in a DSGVO-agreeable way.

Hence, maja.cloud has fostered a Dropbox elective explicitly for German necessities. The gifted exchanges benefit from such administrations. Since by utilizing them, tasks can be acknowledged a lot quicker and all the more productively. Simultaneously, the Dropbox elective offers numerous different benefits that are either impractical with the exemplary itself or are altogether more costly.

With the Dropbox elective, experts can work for all intents and purposes anyplace on the planet without conveying records. Security is consistently in center. That is the reason you don’t simply store your documents on the servers in consistence with DSGVO. Likewise, anonymized capacity cycles and reinforcement processes are done for the German other option. Indeed, even in case of a total server disappointment, the possibilities of information recuperation are more than great. Nobody can see your significant information, and you generally have it accessible. These are unequivocally the administrations that a solid cloud for organizations should have the option to offer you!

The exchange benefits on many levels from the German other option

Distributed storage from Germany is a reasonable answer for the talented exchanges. Along these lines, your business can become proficient, and adjust to another advanced age. You don’t need to do anything for this, on the grounds that the experts deal with enhancing the cycles behind the scenes.

You get the help for all intents and purposes for nothing and can get everything rolling right away. Assuming that there are any underlying hardships with the execution or the application, we will be eager to assist you! Obviously, you’ll need to evaluate the new safe cloud for organizations with the expectation of complimentary first. That is the reason we offer you a 60-day time for testing. This is totally for nothing for you. The Support group will uphold you expertly and at all levels during the test stage.

Benefits of Dropbox Alternatives

We prepare you for next level registering. Without tearing yourself away from your standard work processes.

You can test for nothing and without commitment. What’s more for an entire 60 days.
IT isn’t your thing? We’ll deal with it for you. You will see: You will not have any more IT issues.

You can work all around the world later on. The earth is your working environment. We furnish you with the foundation. All you want is a PC or tablet and Internet access.
Introducing and setting up projects will at this point not be important for you. We deal with that. Also all that moves along as expected consistently.

Refreshes are free 100% of the time of charge and run consequently behind the scenes. You don’t need to stress over anything more.
Our Dropbox elective is prepared to use in only a couple of moments. You don’t need to set up anything locally. Your product apparatuses are made accessible in the most limited conceivable time and run faultlessly.


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