What exactly does “Facial Balancing” mean?

The use of dermal filler to generate a facial look that is more proportionate and balanced is referred to as “facial balancing.” This is a notion that relates to the practice of applying dermal filler to various areas of the face. Due to the fact that each patient’s facial characteristics and objectives are different, the process is totally customized to the specific needs of the person.

The lips are an example of a face feature that may frequently benefit from enhancement with dermal fillers. On the other hand, a significant number of patients express worries over several elements of their face, which they believe contribute to an unbalanced look. Therefore, our specialists do a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s face before developing an individualized treatment strategy for facial balance. In most cases, this will need the application of dermal fillers, in varied volumes, to a number of different facial characteristics in order to improve the overall facial harmony of each patient.

Reasons why individuals have treatments for facial balancing

Because facial balancing is a highly personalized technique, the reasons for requesting the treatment typically differ from patient to patient. However, many of us are concerned that certain parts of our face give the impression that it is unbalanced.

The ratios of the face are referred to as the ideal facial proportions, and they are typically described as having well-proportioned areas of the face. For example, the forehead, the nose, and the chin each makeup one-third of the face individually. However, some patients are concerned that a piece of their face is too large or too small, and they want therapy to improve the appearance of this part of their face.

The balancing of the profile is a procedure performed on patients who have specific concerns about the appearance of their facial characteristics when viewed from the side profile. When it comes to this type of treatment, the emphasis is placed on striking a harmonious equilibrium between the various aspects of the face as seen from the profile view. This commonly involves adjusting the chin, nose, lips, jawline, and cheeks.

Bringing certain facial features into proportion with the rest of the face is a common worry among patients. Many people feel that some aspects of their appearance are out of proportion with the rest of their faces. Some patients, for instance, believe that their chin and cheekbones are insufficiently developed in comparison to the rest of their facial characteristics. These patients may decide to undergo facial balancing procedures in order to improve the appearance of their chin and cheekbones. Before beginning any treatment, our specialist will do a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s face in order to determine all parts of the face that are essential to obtain the desired result and verify that all aspects are well-balanced.

Facial symmetry – Certain customers have worries about their facial asymmetry and want the more dermal filler to be injected on one side of their face in order to give a more balanced and symmetrical look. This is done in order to address these patients’ issues. This can be accomplished by adding more dermal filler to the side of the face that is asymmetrical. This result may be achieved for many people by the process of face balancing, but in other patients’ instances, surgical treatments are required to get their optimum outcome.

Ideal applicants

Anyone who is concerned about face imbalances or any of the other particular problems outlined above may be a candidate for facial balancing. People who fit the following criteria are typically considered to be suitable candidates for face dermal filler procedures:

Maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Do not smoke
  • Pay attention to the condition of their skin.
  • Maintain reasonable anticipations.

How is the process of Facial Balancing carried out?

First and foremost, when you have your appointment with our specialist, he will perform an in-depth analysis of your facial characteristics. This guarantees that the treatment will be adapted to your unique characteristics, proportions, and desired overall appearance. Dermal fillers, which are smooth substances that have the consistency of a gel, are injected into the skin as part of a straightforward process known as facial balancing. Multiple parts of the face, including the cheekbones, lips, chin, and beneath the eyes, can have fillers injected into them to enhance their appearance.

After the region has been thoroughly cleansed, any necessary pain management therapies are then administered (this can include numbing cream, anesthetic ointment, or any type of local anesthesia). After that, the dermal filler is injected into the region of the face that was selected for treatment. Depending on how many different places are being treated, this might take anything from a few minutes to an hour to complete. Following the completion of the procedure, the skin may be washed, and an ice pack may then be used in order to assist in the reduction of swelling. The majority of patients experience a speedy recovery with little to no ongoing discomfort following their treatment.

How long do the effects of the Facial Balancing procedure continue to be visible?

Facial balancing is not a permanent option for achieving facial harmony since it requires the use of dermal fillers; after time, the filler will be absorbed by the body, rendering the procedure ineffective. The type of dermal filler that was utilized is the primary determinant of how long the effects of the therapy will last. Some dermal fillers, such as Restylane-L, only last between five and seven months, while other fillers can last for as long as five years. Voluma fillers, which have a tendency to last about two years or more if top-up treatments are given, are the type of fillers that are generally used by our employees.

The precise length of time that dermal fillers continue to be effective also relies on the location on the face where the filler is administered as well as the rate at which the filler is absorbed by the body. During your appointment with our specialist, he will explain the particular dermal filler that will be utilized and provide you with an estimate of how long the effects of the procedure will continue to be visible.

Because no fillers are permanent, surgical treatments are the only way to obtain results that are intended to last for a longer period of time. If you have any questions feels free to contact best medical spa Chicago.


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