Debt is a fact of life for the average American, but for millennials who are now coming of age and struggling to manage college debt and the costs of living, it can be crippling. Millennials are estimated, on average, to be about $27,000 in debt, which is not a great way to enter adulthood and family life. That would explain why many are asking, “What is debt resolution?” as they look for ways to dig out from what seems like a crushing amount of debt. While debt can see inescapable, there are sometimes other viable options outside of bankruptcy. 

Commit to Debt Resolution 

Before you start investigating debt resolutions, you need to make a commitment to positively attacking your growing pile of debt. A more common approach is to stick your head in the sand, but this approach has a short lifespan and traditionally does not end well. If you are truly ready to resolve your debt, than a debt resolution program might be the best approach for you. This type of approach can help those who struggle with debt due to:

  • Stress-related purchases 
  • Paying bills on credit 
  • Unemployment 
  • Medical expenses 
  • School loans 
  • Personal loans 

The weight of debt is very real, and it is easy to procrastinate addressing it. It is much easier to keep waiting until tomorrow, but that mountain will only grow larger. That is why today has to be the day you are finally ready to achieve financial freedom. Believe it or not, there are programs out there that can help you achieve it. 

What is the Debt Resolution Process?

Are you ready to think about programs that revolve around debt resolutions? Then it is time to learn a bit about the process and how you can benefit from it. Debt resolution is a process that is usually handled by a professional debt company that has relationships with common creditors. As part of the program, the debt relief program will help you negotiate lower payment terms with creditors. This allows you some monthly breathing room so that you can accomplish paying down your debt without filing for bankruptcy. 

Achieve’s debt resolution program, for example, helps clients improve their cash flow and reduce their debt by lowering the amount of debt they owe and then combining all of their debt into one easy monthly payment. This not only makes it easier to keep up with debt but it helps create some more wiggle room in your monthly budget. After working with Achieve, you can feel financially secure and the relief and happiness that comes from not creatively manipulating your bills every month. 

Will Debt Resolution Save Your Credit?

While debt resolution programs cannot help you improve your income, they can help you improve your income-to-debt ratio, which will dramatically help your credit. Most creditors agree to debt resolution programs because they still receive the amount they are owed; they simply agree to drop a percentage of the extra interest charges, which is what makes it more affordable for consumers. 

Over 340 million of Americans are in debt; if you are one of them, then there is an answer. Restore your credit and restore your financial security by looking into debt resolution programs. While you may notice a short-term drop in your credit after the payment arrangement is arranged, you will see your credit repair itself as your debt-to-income ratio continues to improve. There is a bright future ahead for millennials who take proactive control of their debt and start to focus on improving their life situation instead of resigning themselves to soul-crunching debt. Learn more about what is debt resolution and get a new leash on your life.


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