In the modern world, as it is currently, many today’s parents are using monitoring applications to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online because of the multiple risks that the Internet poses to their children’s safety. Today, there are numerous services that may assist parents in keeping tabs on the activities of their children, but uMobix distinguishes out among the crowd.

Thru an online control panel, users of this mobile application can keep an eye on the activity of certain mobile devices. This review will discuss how the uMobix app performed and what we thought of its features after using it for a while.

What Is uMobix Anyway and What Is It For?

A parental management app for iOS and Android devices is called uMobix. Parents must download and run the application on their child’s mobile in order to begin tracking.

Being able to monitor your children obviously raises ethical concerns; therefore, before using apps like uMobix, be sure to carefully consider the ramifications. If your child uses the Internet for activities that are not intended for children, such as having conversations with unknown adult strangers via social media or wagering on casino sites at, which seem to be full of fantastic games of chance but only for people over the age of 18, it might be a good idea to talk to them prior to having installed a tracking app on their phone and explain the risks of browsing online to them. Additionally, you should inform them that the sole purpose of monitoring their Internet actions is to ensure their safety.

Installation and Setup

First things first: you will need to register on the authorized uMobix website and select whether your youngster has an Android or iOS mobile. Please be aware that in order to move on to the next phase, you must agree to join with any of the three membership options (later on them). After being chosen, your registration code and uMobix account credentials will be sent to your email. The next step is to obtain your child’s phone, go to the uMobix page, and log in using the supplied credentials. 

By doing so, you will be directed to a webpage with a guide for setting up the application on your kid’s phone. You ought to be able to complete this without any issues because the stages are rather simple to follow.

You must choose “Auto Install“ while downloading the uMobix.apk kind of file. As a result, your device will be able to install apps from untrusted sources and certain security features like “Scan apps with Play Protect“ from the Google Play Store will be automatically disabled. You can alternatively choose the “manual setup“ option, in which case uMobix will carefully walk you through the procedure and take care of everything else.

The next step is to enter the uMobix page using your child’s phone, log in using the supplied information, and proceed. By doing so, you will be directed to a site with a guide for setting up the software on your child’s smartphone. You should just be able to complete this without any issues because the stages are rather simple to follow.

Installation of Tools

You must also give the app a few extra rights, most significantly the ability for uMobix to begin screen recording and turn on keylogger monitoring. It is also possible to automate this. To escape detection, the tracker can pose as “Play Services“ and even show an icon like Google’s own real Play Services program. However, a screen-shifting icon will be visible in the top right corner of the display when the uMobix app is running on the child’s phone.

The process of putting the application on your child’s phone will be straightforward overall. We adored how easy it ended up becoming. We only had to follow the instructions, and uMobix was operational in under three minutes. Installing this software on your children’s smartphone will not require any complex technological knowledge.

Tool Options

All you need to do is wait while your youngster uses their phone after you have installed the app on it. Proceed to your smartphone or computer if enough time has elapsed. launch your browser, and go to the uMobix page. To access your dashboard, login with your credentials. You can view a summary of the tracked data here.

You will be able to quickly discover crucial details like the device’s current position and the most recent addresses visited. This is crucial, particularly if your child goes missing, and uMobix correctly places it at the top of the page.

The most often dialed numbers from the phone, the most recent contacts added, the most utilized programs and the number of engagements connected to them can all be found as you scroll down the main page.


You should look through the supplementary menu that is visible on the right of the screen to learn more about what your kid is doing when using a smartphone. Check out the following features:

  • Browser History – You may see every link that the target device has opened. Additionally, you can immediately ban these URLs from your dashboard.
  • Each message typed out from the target device is shown by a keylogger, along with the program it was sent from.
  • Wi-Fi – This feature shows all of the Wi-Fi connections the target device has access to and provides you the choice to block them from the dashboard.
  • Monitoring of video calling apps – If the target device utilizes video chat apps, such as Google Duo, you will indeed be able to inspect a number of screenshots taken throughout the session. Click on them by going to the relevant program folder on the left side of the screen.
  • Social App Monitoring – uMobix provides comprehensive information about your child’s behavior on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tinder, and other platforms. There are messages, viewed profiles, liked pages, and more.
  • App Activity – This feature gives you a list of every app that has been downloaded or removed on the target device. You can also opt to restrict specific applications from the dashboard. Alternatively, you can choose to delete it.

Most components function as intended. The software will not track your child’s location if they have their device’s internet switched off. Therefore, when the device is unplugged from the network, you will discover that information is missing.

Tool Reliability

Overall, uMobix performs well and keeps track of all motions done when using the device. It cannot overlook anything, making it the ideal tool for monitoring your child’s internet activities. Additionally, the app enables you to intervene when necessary by enabling you to blacklist or remove undesirable apps or websites.

Our only worry is that children who have a little more technological understanding might learn about uMobix. It is noticeable because, as was already said, the top right side of the screen displays a tiny icon for changing the screen. Therefore, it is important to let them know what you want to do in advance.

How to Turn Off Tracking Capabilities in This Tool?

Have you made up your mind to stop tracking your child’s device? It is time to uninstall the uMobix software from the concerned phone, but doing so can be challenging. On some target devices, finding the program in the Apps section of Settings and afterward selecting Uninstall may not work (including ours).

Finding the “Play services“ option under “Downloaded Apps“ in “Settings -> Accessibility“ may help you address the issue. Include a choice to tell uMobix to cease monitoring after that. Next, open settings by hitting on your username in the top-right corner of your uMobix dashboard and choosing an option. You can disconnect from the gadget by clicking the link below. Press that button.

Tool Price

You must subscribe to one of the three offered subscription plans in order to use the sophisticated tracking features of uMobix:

  • 1 month (full package) – $49.99;
  • 3 months (full package) – $27.99;
  • 12 months (full package) – $11.66.

Although they differ based on the kind of device you would really like to track, all three subscriptions provide a comprehensive range of possibilities. Since you don’t get access to keylogger statistics, GPS location, a list of installed programs, past browsing activity, and other features, the iOS variant is currently fairly limited. Before joining uMobix, you should be aware of this, therefore read the entire list (You must choose the device type you wish to track and enter your email).

Summing Up

If you want to monitor an Android handset, uMobix can give you the information you need. Although the options are fewer on iOS, you can still view crucial data including call records, texts, online status, and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp data. It could be adequate for you, depending on your demands.

We enjoy using uMobix since it is so simple to set up and therefore can send a staggering quantity of data right to your dashboard. You have complete discretion over which services and apps to utilize. Our testing indicates that the majority of the data is accurate. In contrast hand, we did not enjoy how difficult it was to remove the uMobix application from the intended device. Overall, uMobix has given us a deep experience that can possibly bring parents’ concerns to rest.


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