Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG released for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. Triangle Strategy has many characters that you can unlock through various in-game activities. However, not all characters are equal in strength and abilities. The best characters really depend on the player’s playstyle, but some outshine the others. Below we have compiled a list of Triangle Strategy character levels, ranked from S to C. Here S level characters are the highest in the game and C level characters are the lowest.

Triangle Strategy Tier List: Best Characters to Hire


A skilled knight with an excellent attacking style. Additionally, this character allows the player to attack multiple enemies at once with great maneuverability. However, this character has no defense. Players must pair Roland with a character who can boost his health. In order to recruit Roland, players must participate in the battle of Chapter 2 “The Armed Brave Warrior”.


This fire diviner can deal a lot of damage with fire-based abilities like Fires of Fire, Scotch, Blazing Chain, and Fire Eater. Armed with a book of fire, this character can be used by the victor in the fight against thieves.


This character offers several powerful attacks that can inflict heavy damage on enemies. Additionally, Anna grants mobility to the player and her Act Twice ability can be used to repeat actions each turn. If players prefer stealth over strength, he’s a cool character. This character can join the party until the end of Chapter 1 YoungHawkSoar.


The Erador is a shield bearer that can provide your team with much-needed protection. This character can protect his allies with his defense skills. Excellent support character for all-out attacking characters with insufficient defenses like Roland. This character’s first weapon is the Air Shield. Players can recruit Erradols by participating in a Soaring Hawk battle.


He’s a lowly character who’s easy to overlook among many bright, high-level characters. However, he can use Benedict’s abilities to strengthen his physical allies. Magic, mobility, mask buff. However, this character does not have good attack power, so it must be paired with an attacking unit. This character is available from the start.


one level

A magical user who can manipulate elements to give the team an additional advantage. The character also provides great maneuverability and magic damage. The power of his sanctuary can also give him healing. Scars are excellent against armored enemies because they don’t come off easily from physical attacks. This character can be recruited through 5 character stories.


This character can use her counter stance ability to damage opponents outside of her turn. Obviously, this is very useful for dealing serious damage to opponents. Also, Selenoa’s ability can attack all enemies around him at once. This character is available to players from the start, making it one of the most versatile characters on this triangular strategy list.


This character increases the chance of players losing prey and coins when competing against each other. Besides, Lionel can trick enemies into attacking each other. This is very useful during combat. However, this ability is very random and doesn’t always work. Players can add Lionel to their team through five character stories. To recruit Lionel, players must purchase items from their shop.


A healer character that can give teammates a health boost. His HealWhatAils You ability can also remove status denials applied to allies. However, this character doesn’t have high offensive or defensive stats, so players should pair him with a powerful character to get the most out of his abilities. Players can acquire this character after completing the 1st match of Bandits by Bandits.

B level

This is a mounted healer capable of flipping allies within reach. She can heal herself or her allies while performing subsequent attacks. His first weapon is a hexagonal stick. This character can be unlocked through a five-part character story once the player completes a certain number of fake matches in the camp.


A shooter with excellent mobility, range and damage. This character is most often used when shooting enemies from long distances. His ShadowstitchingArrow can’t move opponents and can give your team a break. His binding arrows are very convenient even in emergency situations. It can bind enemies in 3 rounds. Huet’s projectile weapon is a short bow. This character can be obtained by participating in battles in To Arms and BraveWarriors in Chapter 2.

In July

This character is very useful when paired with the right team. He can give his mates TP. Characters like Narve, who use a lot of HP, can be pretty deadly with Julio around. Prios can be recruited through Chapter 5 Character Story.


This character is very useful if the player wants to use money to buy things. Medina increases the strength of healing objects and allows them to be used twice a day. lab. She can be recruited through 5 character stories.

management executive level

This character can freeze terrain and slow down enemies. Players can earn Correntines after the Rebel Capture battle in Chapter 3, Part 2, Hyzan Therod. There is nothing special about this character, but it cannot compete with other characters in terms of stats or attack/defense abilities.

The best character can be chosen according to the needs of the player. However, this triangular strategy list aims to make decisions a little easier for players. I hope this ranking is helpful. For more information on these lists, see the TierList section of PlayAdda.


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