Remote working has its own benefits and challenges. As various surveys predict that this mode will persist in the long run, business owners are increasingly seeking remote work solutions to deliver the best experience to their employees.  

The pandemic brought significant changes in the attitude of the workforce. Quarantine, lockdowns, and self-isolation pushed a large quantum of the urban workforce around the world to shift toward remote working. Thus, accessibility to remote or hybrid working conditions revolutionized working attitudes.

Employees are found to be more driven, contended, and by taking fewer sick days, they stay committed to the job. Having said so, it does create specific challenges for your employees. 

At the same time, remote work raises a few logistical challenges for your business and the team working remotely. 

Challenges Faced by Individual Employees

Despite its many benefits, remote working has disadvantages as well. A study by Buffer found that nearly 25% of employees working from home find it challenging to unplug after work. Other challenges include:

  • Overcoming distractions
  • Finding constant motivation
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Suffering from loneliness

Such challenges require you to invest in bettering your employees’ mental health and creating better working conditions. There are other logistical challenges faced by your team that need an inquiry into remote work solutions.

Some Challenges faced by Your Team and the Solutions

There are some common issues that your team faces while collaborating from different geo-locations. They include:

  • Project Management 

Your team is spread in different locations, whether your business operates in a hybrid mode or remotely. Therefore, it becomes vital that the managers keep track of various projects and ensure the deadlines are met. 

It may seem hectic, but certain tools are available in the market to facilitate better project management. Project managing software aids the managers in keeping a check on all work progress and deadlines. 

  • Accomodation and Collaborative Environment

Accomodation and Collaboration remains the most common challenge for remote workers across the world. It becomes difficult for your team operating across the country to interact as they did when working from the office. When working remotely, sharing documents, sharing room, comparing notes, and providing feedback can be haphazard.
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Several collaboration tools are designed to promote an interactive environment in your company. They provide a team channel through which your entire team can be in touch.

  • Tracking Task and Productivity

Completing all small tasks on time ensures high productivity. Your business needs to track all its projects and the respective progress made by remote employees. 

Specific tools help you check the real-time progress of your staff and help maximize productivity. They also help you keep track of your employees’ efficiency. Thus, allowing you to pinpoint the right person for a given task.

  • Working from Different Locations and Time Zones

Remote working allows your business to hire a diverse workforce from various parts of the globe. Accommodating different time zones of the globally spread staff becomes a hurdle. 

Try to place some guidelines for your organization without infringing upon the freedom of remote working. It will help you to create a balance. While all of them do not need to clock in simultaneously, there needs to be a system to indicate the available hours. 

By using such a tool, you can reach the right person at their convenience.

  • Building Trust

When working remotely, trust becomes an essential factor that can make or break your relationship with the staff. The lack of face-to-face interaction makes building trust among fellow employees and the organization difficult. 

Remote communication tools can help build trust among your team members. Organizing team-building exercises on the platforms can aid in the process.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, remote work solutions help your business to reach its full potential. Services that provide solutions to boost your connectivity, productivity, and security enhance your virtual workspace experience.  


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