There are many misconceptions that circle around locksmith and what they do, which has ultimately created misunderstanding among people. We think of locksmiths when we get locked out of our car, home or office, but there is much more to know when it comes to using the locksmith services. Some people aren’t even aware that locksmiths still exist, even in the automated and digitally-advanced world.

Learning about locksmiths and how they work can help you and your family stay safe at home, at the office or in the car. With an aim to help you understand what a locksmith can do for you, we have busted some popular locksmith myths, so the next time you hire a locksmith, you know what to expect.

Myth #1 Locksmith should be called only during an emergency

This is a popular myth that locksmiths should be called only when an emergency arises. While this is true that professional locksmiths can help you during an emergency, they can help you even when it is not an emergency. For instance, if you want to install new locks or replace old locks when you want a security upgrade. If you have recently moved to a new house and you fear the old resident might have keys to your home. Or, an employee has left your company who had access to your cabinets. Locksmiths can be helpful when you want any changes with your locks and keys to keep unwanted visitors out.

Myth #2 A locksmith doesn’t need to be certified

Any locksmith can obtain the required skills to become a locksmith without obtaining certification. And, it is even easier to build a professional looking website. You could also be unfortunate to encounter burglars who masquerade as locksmiths and looking for a way to enter your house. In that case, it is important to verify the qualification or certification before commencing the work. So, don’t be mistaken to think that all locksmiths are certified and can unlock any type of lock easily. Do your research well before you hire one.

Myth #3 Locksmiths keep a copy of your key

Another common myth about locksmith services is that they keep a copy of your key. This is absolutely untrue. The reality is they trace the key pattern of your original key on the blank key and then they make cuts to match the original key. Professional locksmiths don’t keep a copy of your keys because doing so would violate their professional ethics and considered a breach of trust. If you are not sure about locksmith’s reliability, make sure you hire a professional with proper certification and positive customer reviews.

Myth #4 Locksmiths are only available during standard working hours

It is one of the common locksmith myths that they are available only during the standard business hours. And, due to lack of knowledge, many people suffer from security concerns over the weekends, public holidays or late at night. However, the reality is now a majority of locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services. The may have regular working hours, but they also attend the call and arrive at your location whenever you need them, regardless of the time. That means now you don’t have to wait for the next working day or after the holiday to get access to your premises.

Myth #5 All locksmiths offer a similar level and type of service

Although all locksmiths share the same profession, but the level and type of service they offer can vary greatly. They have evolved into different areas of expertise, such as residential services, commercial services, automotive services and so on. Moreover, some may focus on just helping you get inside your premise without being much concerned about keeping the lock intact, while others may be proficient in working with newer locks, but stumped by old traditional locks. The quality of services also vary based on the experience and skill of the locksmith. So, before you hire a professional, make sure they offer services that you need.

Myth #6 Locksmith services are exorbitantly expensive

Many people wrongly believe that locksmith services are expensive and time-consuming. However, the truth is most locksmith Cary NC companies offer competitive pricing to keep the cost low for their customers. But, before you hire a locksmith, you should bear in mind that different jobs require different time and expertise, and this affects the overall cost. Furthermore, you should expect to pay a little more when they are called during an emergency. If it is not an emergency, then you should do a little research and get quotes from multiple companies. Also, check their customer reviews because low price also sometimes means low quality work.

Myth #7 Locksmiths only respond to residential calls

For unknown reasons, many people believe that locksmiths only respond to house related issues. However, the truth is locksmiths respond to commercial and automotive lockout situations as well. Whether you are locked out of your home or want to create a master key for your office, locksmiths are equipped with adequate tools and expertise to get the required job done.

Myth #8 All locksmiths guarantee their work

It is easy to think that every locksmith uses good quality tools and parts, and have passed through strict testing. However, that is not true always. Not all locksmiths are properly trained and they may fit poor quality parts that aren’t backed by a guarantee. This may create more problems in the future. On the other hand, a professional locksmith will fit branded locks and can also offer a guarantee of their work.


We just debunked some locksmith myths, so don’t let these myths keep you away from obtaining the services you need. However, while hiring a locksmith, make sure you do a little research about their services, experience and pricing, and find the best locksmith Raleigh NC who is close to your location. It is always better to call an expert professional when the security of your home, office or car is concerned. They can help you get into your premises when you are locked out, retrieve broken keys, repair or replace broken locks and much more.


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