A family entertainment venue is a location where many people like to go to watch movies and have some refreshments. In Singapore, Park Central, a freehold Grade A office and retail building, has been purpose-built to be an entertainment destination for people to come together and experience premier shopping, dining, and entertainment. To find the best family entertainment venue in Singapore, you need to look at the following;

  1. Family friendliness

A family-friendly, inclusive and safe environment. This is what Park Central has to offer. It features the largest indoor play area in Singapore with a large number of kids’ play areas and group activities, home-cooked family dining options, and movie theatres with customized experiences. The 1,600-square-metre indoor Skyride at The People’s Mile offers fantastic views of Marina Bay Sands, Marina One, and other parts of the city skyline. The 1,000-metre indoor SkyWalk will be among Asia’s largest Skyride when it opens in 2018. With more than two million visitors a year, it is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore.

  1. Variety of amenities

Besides, there are various kinds of entertainment in Park Central. Here, you can find a wide range of fine and casual dining options. The building has a number of retail shops and cafes selling local brands and international brands alike. There are also a variety of high-end studios and luxurious boutiques for customers to shop for fashion items. Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy the atmosphere of fine French food and wine, there is one Michelin-starred restaurant in Park Central – Auberge & Vineyard by Rhong Team – that serves authentic French cuisine accompanied by wines from France.

  1. Special promotions

Park Central also has some promotions that are offered within the building. Once you enter any of the service elevators in The People’s Mile, you will see a QR code on the elevator call buttons. Scanning this QR code with your smartphone will present you with exclusive offers at Park Central.

  1. Parking facilities and safety measures

Parking facilities are essential for any family entertainment venue in Singapore since it is considered a family-friendly spot for people to go to frequently. There are about 500 parking spaces available at Park Central for both its tenants and visitors. The building is also well-lit so that you can easily find your way in the building. Apart from that, there are also security personnel on duty at The People’s Mile to ensure the safety of visitors.

  1. Overall impression

There is no doubt that if you have a family, then Park Central is definitely a place for you to go to. Especially, if you want a family entertainment venue that meets all the requirements of the well-known family-friendly atmosphere while at the same time providing different kinds of entertainment, then this indoor play center in Singapore would be highly recommended to visit.

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