Murfreesboro is a city located in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and is the county seat of Rutherford County. It’s a 200-year-old town and continues to grow.

Murfreesboro is among the cities that is growing at the fastest rate in Tennessee. It’s the administrative hub in Rutherford County and is home to approximately 146,900 residents from all different ages. With a low rate of unemployment as well as affordable housing and decent living expenses The city is just 30 miles away from Nashville’s bustling city.

Murfreesboro is awash with adventures and excitements within or within the city which makes it one of the most desirable places in Tennessee to live.

“Creating a better lifestyle” is Murfreesboro’s slogan. While they aren’t on the national map the effort they put into achieving their goals resulted in them being included on the Money Magazine’s Top 100 cities to live in list. It’s easy to fit in once you’ve moved to Murfreesboro.

If you’re considering moving to this charming suburban area, read on for more details on the schools, employment prospects as well as weather and recreation to make sure it’s the perfect choice for you.

Murfreesboro Cost of Living

The most appealing aspect of moving in Murfreesboro Tennessee is that it’s an affordable city to live in. The price of living in the area is 10 percent lower than the national average, with housing being the most affordable amenity in the area, with a price of 21 percentage less than an average American city.

The prices for utilities and transportation are similar as both are 10 percent less expensive than other cities in the nation. Additionally, the cost of groceries are 3% less than the national average and medical expenses are lower by 2.

Murfreesboro Climate

The climate in Murfreesboro is generally pleasant throughout the time. Murfreesboro residents however aren’t subjected to the extreme heat experienced in other cities in the southern states. July is the most scorching months of the year with an average that is 89.3 degree Fahrenheit. January however, to the opposite side is the most frigid months of the year with average lows of 25.3 degree Fahrenheit.

The typical high temperatures, which are temperatures that exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit, may be expected from June through August. The only months that have temperatures in the middle of freezing are January, December and February. That leaves about six months a year when the weather can be fairly pleasant out there.

The most frequent peak of rainfall is in May, with some reaching the height of 5.6 inches. The only month that gets greater than 5 inches is December, with 5.2 inches. August and September are the dryest months during the whole year. rainfall of less than four inches.

Murfreesboro Schools

People living in Murfreesboro, TN who are between the age of prekindergarten and sixth grade are under the supervision of Murfreesboro City Schools. MCS is solely dedicated to the ages of prekindergarten through sixth grade and runs twelve schools within the city limits, catering to approximately 8,800 students.

Rutherford County Schools is responsible for the instruction of Murfreesboro’s secondary school students. RCS is comprised of 47 schools catering to children from grades 7-12 and educates approximately 44,000 students in the county.

There are 32 publicly-funded schools located in Murfreesboro. For those looking for alternative educational options have many choices. Within the city boundaries of Murfreesboro there are ten charter and private schools, which include Catholic, Christian, and Private Academies.

Employment in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, TN, had Murfreesboro, TN, had a 6.7 per cent unemployment rate in the initial quarter of 2013. This was lower than the national average of 8.8%. If you’re new to the area and do not have any job opportunities, you may apply for government positions here, or visit Murfreesboro’s Tennessee Career Center at Murfreesboro to get career advice and help. Additionally there is the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce will help you start your venture regardless of whether you have small-scale business or are looking to start it in the downtown area.

Arts and Culture

Murfreesboro, TN, has an active arts scene. There’s plenty of exceptional artworks to view at the artistic departments at the university and the numerous art galleries. Additionally to this, Murfreesboro Institute for the Arts Murfreesboro Institute for the Arts is a popular place to meet for the arts of theatre and visual. In this amazing venue, people can experience everything from art exhibitions to dance, concerts magical performances, the dramatic arts.

Murfreesboro has been the home to numerous museums. Murfreesboro citizens can access the museums, which range from museums for children like The Discovery Center and the Discovery Center to historic museums such as those at the Stones River National Battlefield. Furthermore, many schools make use of the many exhibitions in Murfreesboro by taking part on guided tour tours through the town’s historic and educational landmarks.

Things To Do in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro hosts numerous famous events and festivals all through the year. The Music school at the university and The Main Street Association present music-related events, including The Main Street Jazzfest, which draws a huge crowd of music lovers.

The joy of cheering for the team brings people together like nothing else. The facility hosts a range of sporting events which are open to all members of the public. People gather to cheer on their team of choice no matter if it’s a basketball game tennis match, or soccer match. There’s always something new taking place on campus.

The Discovery Center is an great spot for families to enjoy an entire day. The engaging exhibit features themes and interactive activities that kids will enjoy and cherish for years to come. This interactive experience is great for children of all ages. It also includes various exhibits.

To Conclude

Murfreesboro is a city with a superior quality of life , and growing rapidly in its economy. It is a place that offers a unique mix of beauty and natural surroundings, a warm weather, music and dancing. With Nashville only one hour from Nashville, you’ll appreciate the charming charm of a little town. This is a fantastic opportunity to start the family.


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