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There is a good chance you’ve relished Karen Gillan’s role as Nebula in the MCU or her appearance in “The Bubble.” There is also a chance you missed many of her great roles in other projects!

Yes, multiple endowed actors often go unrecognized until they get a lucky break and jump straight to stardom one day. Karen Gillan is one of those actresses. She started her career with minor roles, but today multiple movie studios are trying to get their legs underneath them for different productions.

In this blog, we’ve listed some of the most memorable roles Gillian has under her belt. These roles are why she is one of Hollywood’s top stars today.

NTSF:SD: SUV- The American Television Comedy

NTSF:SD: SUV is an American television comedy where there is an excess of bureaucratic shows about law enforcement and crime that occur on modern television networks. The series stars various actors including Steven Yeun, Jeff Goldblum, Rob Riggle, Karen Gillan, and more. 

Karen Gillan appeared in the show’s fictional episode titled “ the National Terrorism Strike Force”, in Season 3. She played the role of Daisy, another satirical character from the typical police-action TV shows.

Lily in “Alex & The List” 

Featuring Gillan as Lily, “Alex & the List” is one of the popular romantic comedy movies of 2018. The movie follows the story of the wretched Alex, who is trying his best to marry his dream girl. The story continues when this girl inscribes a list of her wants and asks Alex to change certain things about himself before they get together.

Gillan plays the character of Lily, Alex’s best female friend. Lily can be found convincing Alex to follow the list, but eventually, she realizes that some of the mentioned tasks are highly offensive, and that is what turns the table in the movie.

Karen as Annie in “The Circle”

Karen Gillan got featured together with Emma Watson in the film The Circle. The movie focuses on the story of a social media company that ignores the privacy policies in its efforts to grab a broader sympathy of its users. Gillan plays Annie Allerton, a member of The Circle, and Watson plays the role of Mae Holland.

The Circles started unethically interfering into the personal lives of its users. The company’s participation in the world of politics starts haunting Annie. Gillan did a fantastic job acting as a harassed Annie as she tried to escape from her former employers.

Amy Pond in the “Doctor Who”

“Karen Gillian’s role as Amy Pond in the “Doctor Who” proved to be the breakthrough in her career.

Her role as the Doctor’s companion in the sci-fi show “Doctor Who”, took Karen Gillan’s career to the sky. “Gillan appeared as Amy Pond, the friend of the eleventh repetition of the Doctor. 

While the Doctor’s story was about the universe and countless dimensions, the role of Karen was a point to which the audiences could relate. Gillan did an excellent part depicting Amy Pond. Rather than continually standing in awe of the Doctor’s talents, Amy stands on her own. She proposes as one of the Doctor’s most excellent frank companions. Gillan carried Amy to life, and she will always reminisce about her role as her companion.

Karen as Eliza in “Selfie”

The role of Eliza in “Selfie” is one of the best roles in her career yet. In this movie, Eliza Dooley, played by Karen, is obsessed with having many friends on social media, so much so that she forgot how to make real-life friends.

She employs Henry Higgs, played by John Cho, to aid her re-establish her social image and explain how to communicate with people appropiately. The plot follows the story of Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw’s classic play, and Gillan appeared in the role of a media-obsessed woman.

Jane Lockhart in “Not Another Happy Ending” 

In the film, Not Another Happy Ending, Gillan appeared in the role of Jane Lockhart, a writer who, in the end, turns out to be a hit with her first published novel.

Regrettably, the success of that novel makes Lockhart so happy that she developed a strange case of writer’s block. Her editions then has to go to incredible lengths to make her unhappy so she can write again. 

Karen Gillian portrays the struggles of an author’s career beautifully in the movie “Not Another Happy Ending”.

Winding Up:

The list of the notable roles that Karen has played in the movies so far is not confined to this list. From appearing as a doctor’s companion in sci-fiction to getting featured as an employee in a social media company, there are multiple roles for which the actress has been recognized for.


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